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NEWS >>> POST PRODUCTION Factory Studios Adds Two SSL AWS Consoles

AUDIO POST facility Factory Studios, which specialises in audio for advertising, TV, radio, digital media, and music, has stepped up Studios 1 and 2 with a new Solid State Logic AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller in each room. The consoles were chosen to streamline workflow by replacing existing DAW controller/ plug-in/outboard gear with a user interface and integrated DAW control. “When it came to refurbishing these

two studios we wanted something that would be a flagship for the future,” said Ben Firth, sound engineer and technical support manager for Factory Studios. “The AWS 948 does everything we need in one unit. Pro Tools has always been our main DAW and we couldn’t compromise on functionality there. That plus the


beauty of the SSL preamps is brilliant. This ticks all our boxes.” The updated facilities at Factory

Studios are set up with live rooms for recording music, dialogue, and sound design for projects ranging from TV and radio commercials to music and cinema releases. Studio 1 and 2 both capture to a Pro Tools DAW system that is controlled by the AWS 948 console. Additionally, Factory’s Studio 3, which is a Dolby Approved Cinema Suite, runs SSL Duende Native plug-ins for sonic consistency across the facility. Recent award-winning projects from

Factory Studios include the Honda Hands commercial for Channel 4 Idents, which won a Silver Medal for Sound Design at the London International Awards 2013 and

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Outstanding Sound in a commercial at this year’s Hollywood Post Awards. The Camelot National Lottery’s Heroes Return commercial was recognised for Best Sound Design in TV Advertising at the MAS International Awards. Heroes Return and the company’s Guinness Cloud and Nike My Time Is

Line 6 to be Acquired by Yamaha

YAMAHA AND Line 6 have announced a definitive agreement for Yamaha to acquire Line 6. Under the terms of the agreement, Yamaha will operate Line 6 as a wholly owned subsidiary with Line 6’s operations continuing as before and its management team remaining in place. “I am very happy that Line 6, which has been

creating innovative products and new market opportunities consistently over its history, will

>>> INSTALLATION Powersoft Drives ‘Wall of Bass’ in Austrian Nightclub

through 10 prototype stages, while the club owners helped with casting the concrete loudspeaker enclosures. For the club’s rear wall, 400kg

LOCATED IN a residential area of Wiener Neustadt, Austria, the new 300-capacity Club SUB wanted to integrate an extremely loud and clear low frequency sound solution while maintaining acoustic isolation. “Given the concerns of local

residents, when Wolfgang Sauter [project manager, pro performance] surveyed the building, with its tube like architecture, the abstract idea of

12 January 2014

a ‘vibrating wall’ became more logical,” commented Steffen Kroschel, director at Lambda Labs. Lambda Labs’ project manager

Richard Nell supported the concept with simulation data, parameters and measurements – applying his knowledge of high-performance concrete ‘closed box’ enclosures and amping. The drivers were developed especially for this application, going

concrete blocks were cast using 13 tonnes of heavy concrete. Each block serves as a loudspeaker enclosure with pressure-resistant rear chambers implementing the perfect impulse response of a ‘closed-box’ design and maximising the radiation resistance of the woofers through the acoustically hard surface. A self- enveloped 15in speaker was produced and adapted to the demands of this project. The single chassis are designed to act together like one single swinging wall similar to a piston in a cylinder. Yet to make this all work, each

driver needed to be powered by its own dedicated amplifier: “As we have been using Powersoft amplifiers in our regular self-powered

loudspeakers for four years it was obvious to choose the company again for this project as we have a lot of experience with their modules, such as the Digimod 1500, which we use in our subwoofer product MF-15A and our full range enclosure TX- 3A,” continued Kroschel. The 32 Lambda Labs OEM CX 15in ultra-long excursion drivers, with ±25mm linear excursion capability are each driven by 800W amplifying modules, with the maximum desired SPL reached at an excursion of only ±3mm. Therefore the ‘Wall of Bass’ manages with only 500W peak music power during operation. Summing up, Kroschel said that

everyone who has played through the system has been hugely impressed: “For some it has changed their awareness of music.”

become a member of the Yamaha group. We look forward to accelerating our growth strategy by pursuing the beneficial effects from both companies and by utilising Line 6’s core brand power centred on guitarists that is so highly regarded worldwide as well as its unique technology, planning, and development capabilities,” said Takuya Nakata, Yamaha president. “Yamaha’s acquisition of Line 6 will help accelerate the realisation of our vision to drive

innovation for musicians across the globe,” said Line 6 CEO and president Paul Foeckler. “We’re proud that Yamaha recognises the innovation and value in our people, IP, and processes and we’re excited about the opportunities ahead to expand our reach.” The transaction is expected to be completed this

month, after receipt of regulatory approvals.

Now videos were each Cannes Lion 2013 award winners. Factory Studios has plans to expand

even further in the coming year and add new studios, which could include a Dolby Atmos room.

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