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The 2013 PBA50 Tour season marked the debut of PBA Tour Hall of Famer Pete Weber. Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III and two-time PBA Tour titlist Jack Jurek also became eligible. At the WSOB V, the PBA50 Tour will mark another debut: The inaugural PBA50 Tour Finals. The top-three 2013 points earners will face off for a top prize of $10,000. The show promises to be one of the most anticipated of the entire event. The finalists— Walter Ray Williams, Amleto Monacelli and Pete Weber—possess 103 PBA titles between them. “We looked at the

way the World Bowling Tour has worked and really liked it,” Clark ex- plains. “You bowl the whole tour, you keep points the whole year, and then the top three players on the World


Bowling Tour come to the World Series and bowl in the WBT finals. That gives you some- thing to aim for all year long. So the idea was, ‘Why don’t we do the same thing with the PBA50 tour?’ And so all year long on the PBA50 Tour, the players are bat- tling for points, and the top three in the Player of the Year points make the show and we will be able to spotlight the tour on TV.

“Now, when you look

at who made the show you would think that we were brilliant. There’s no bowler on the planet that wouldn’t want to watch that. So really we’ll be able to spotlight how great the PBA50 tour is and be able to talk about who won all of the events this year by putting these matches on TV. And of course our announcer’s a PBA50 Tour bowler now, too.”



that favors players like Sean Rash and Jason Belmonte is kind of ridiculous,” Clark says, “because they’re just the best bowlers in the world anyway. They dominate anywhere they go. And what’s wrong with players that are that exciting, that powerful, that good doing well? There’s nothing wrong with that. “But then look at the results. While

those players have done great at the World Series, so has Scott Norton. Last year, Parker Bohn won the World Championship, and people had been telling me for a long time that left- handers had no chance there. Michael Haugen has done well at the World Series, and he’s as straight as anybody on tour. So is Norm [Duke].” Fanning the flames of that criticism is the fact that the WSOB features the

largest number of PBA Tour events to be contested under one roof. A lousy performance at the WSOB may not just mean a lousy season; it may mean your season is over. Such pressure, perhaps unprecedented in PBA history, makes the enduring variable of the South Point’s lane surface that much more formidable. Clark, at least, recognizes that. “As the PBA changes over time, and

there are less events, and more global events, and more conglomerated events, the World Series takes on more importance for all the players because of the points available. Getting into the Japan Cup next year will depend greatly on how you do at the World Series. “So knowing when you go into that week that how you perform could

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