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Ball Review


Motiv: Tribal Hook 51 • Length 16 • Breakpoint Shape 17

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This Month’s Balls In Action Each month, several of the balls covered in the Ball

Review will be shown in action on the lanes. The video simply shows how the different balls react. Balls are selected at random for the videos.

“As a pattern breaks down and the Primal Rage [July 2013] becomes too much ball, the Tribal will come out of the bag to provide the length and angle needed,” says Motiv Vice President of Marketing Scott Hewitt. “The Tribal features our new Halogen light bulb core with a 15-lb. differential of only .037. This controls track flare and helps retain energy. While the cover technology of the Tribal is the same Fusion Pearl Reactive used on the Primal Rage, we utilized a different pearl to tune the performance.” Core Design: The symmetric Halogen core offers a high RG of 2.56 with a moderate differential of .038. We saw a maximum of 4 inches of track flare with strong layouts. The core shape was user- and driller- friendly.

Coverstock: The cover is charcoal

pearl, with a silver pearl additive (contrasted with the gold pearl additive in the Primal Rage). Factory finish is a 2000-grit polish. Response

time off dry is very quick and oil traction is limited. The Ra measures 1.6 with an effective surface grit of 5500. Test Results: Overall coverstock aggressiveness is

there, but the Halogen core helps this ball clear drier midlanes easier than the Primal Rage, thus conserving more energy for a crisper back-end reaction. The Tribal is a perfect complement to the Primal Rage or any other aggressive starter ball on either house or Sport shots. Hitting and carry power were outstanding for all testers, as the Tribal creates quite a bit of angularity. When to Use: We had okay looks on fresh house patterns, but not so much on fresh Sport shots. The Tribal was not early enough or smooth enough coming off the oil. That said, it was very good on Sport shots after a game or two were thrown, as it matched up better when the pattern asked for length and flip. Our favorite layouts were a dual angle 50x4x30 for speed-dominant players, and a 65x5x40 for players with matched speed-to-rev ratios. Surface sanding created an earlier and smoother move, but we all preferred the factory polish as it maintained the desired look of this beauty.

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