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Ball Review

Lane Masters: Bad News Hook 51 • Length15.5 • Breakpoint Shape 15.5

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Manufacturer’s Intent: “This medium RG ball was designed to give an extended read in the mids, creating a very smooth transition,” says Tony Martin, Vice President of Operations for California Bowling, LLC. “We use this ball’s .054 differential to create a different angle to the pocket than any of our other balls. This makes it not only smooth, but hard hitting at the point of entry to the pocket. Most drillings will get this ball on its axis at the proper time of entry into the pocket.”

Core Design: The symmetric core’s RG measures in at a medium 2.51, with a .054 differential. We saw nearly 6 inches of track flare with our stronger 4-inch above-the-finger drilling, and 4 inches of flare with the weaker 5.75- inch pin-below drilling. Coverstock: The Bad News uses the Injector Particle pearl coverstock formula. The factory finish is 1000 grit polished. The surface scans at a 1.6 Ra with an effective surface grit reading of 5450. Colors are a mix of burgundy

and dark blue. The response off dry is quick. Traction in oil is limited at box polish. Test Results: The Bad News offers clean and easy length, followed by an aggressive move when leaving the oil. On the fresh test patterns, we saw noticeable skid/flip motions with an impressive hit upon impact. On more broken-down patterns, the move was less angular, but we still saw very good pin carry for all the testers. Since this ball is best suited for medium oil volumes, it will see lots of action. The flip-block inspired core can offer added angularity or smoother arcing moves, contingent on drilling layout chosen, so be sure to convey your desired shape to your ball driller. When to Use: We had our best looks on light-medium to medium oil volumes with the out-of-box polished surface. With a slightly modified surface, sanded to 1500- 2000 grit, the Bad News can easily handle medium-heavy oil volumes, as this added a good five boards of total hook with a stronger mid-lane read. After sanding, the Bad News maintained its smooth- arcing nature and great hitting and carry power.


Track: 706 C/A Hook 51.5 • Length 14.5 • Breakpoint Shape 15

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Manufacturer’s Intent: “Based on the success of our previously launched 706A [August 2012], we wanted to offer a similar type of ball motion that would be a touch stronger in the middle part of the lane,” says Track Brand Manager Rich Hanson. “What better way to accomplish this than to bring our hybrid technology from the 811C/T [December 2012] to our 7 Series?” Core Design: The Helmet

asymmetric core powers the 706 C/A with its 2.52 RG, its .053 differential and its .006 PSA strength. Testing showed nearly 6 inches of closely spaced track flare rings. Coverstock: Track created a blended hybrid coverstock formula with characteristics of the Gen XC (Xtra Continuation) and Gen XA (Xtra Angle) covers. Colors are an attractive fusion of lime green, teal and black hues. The ball comes sanded with 500 and 1500 grits, and is soft polished with Ebonite’s Factory polish. Response time is quick and oil traction average. The Ra measures 3.0 with a 4300 effective surface grit reading.

Test Results: The 706 C/A presented itself as a smooth-rolling hybrid reactive with no skid/flip tendencies on any of our five test patterns. The core revs easily and unencumbered on both house and Sport-type oil patterns. The 706 C/A created added length and an average of three to four boards less overall hook than the 716T (March 2012). The motion shape coming off the pattern also was similar, albeit on lesser oil volumes. Hitting and carry power were very good on conditions with cleaner backends. Oil carrydown created some down-lane wiggle for the 706 C/A, but not so for the 716T. When to Use: As with most balls in the 7-series from Track, our best looks were on medium oil volumes. Slower ball speed players may also find uses on slightly heavier volumes, as will those blessed with higher rev rates. Still, this ball is all about usability and control at the breakpoint. Our higher ratio dual-angle layout, thanks to the Blueprint software program, created the most angular breakpoint during testing. It employed a 65-degree drill angle, a 3.5-inch pin distance and a 35-degree VAL angle positioned above the fingers.

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