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Bowlers Journal Timeline TIMELINE


1990 1

Monacelli is named Bowler of the Year.

Venezuela-born and raised, Amleto Mona- celli becomes the first non-U.S. bowler ever to be voted the year’s best by the Bowling Writers Asso- ciation of America. And for the second year in a row, he is named the top player by his PBA peers. Mona- celli’s triumph is further confirmation of bowling’s status as an international sport.

1991 2

The world’s most famous gutter ball.

Needing two strikes and a seven-count

to win the PBA Fair Lanes Open, Del Ballard Jr. gets the double... and then pitches the fill-ball into the gutter, handing the title to Pete Weber. The national- ly-televised shot becomes major news. Ballard rebounds to win another PBA event two weeks later, but like baseball’s Fred Merkle, he’s destined to be remembered for one isolated mistake.


THE 1990s 1992

Smoking bans begin to impact the industry.

Back in 1986, Bowlers Journal had published an article titled, “No Smoking Allowed — Bowling’s Nightmare.” Now, health concerns and evolving demographics are forcing the sport to adapt. Some proprietors broker creative compromises to retain their smoking patrons while addressing the demands of the clean-air crowd. Still, restrictive laws are becoming common, and there is growing awareness among bowlers that their future playing environment likely will be smokeless.

1993 Senior bowling matures.

The inaugural Senior Mas- ters tournament is held in Tulsa, Okla. A joint venture of the PBA and the Amer- ican Bowling Congress, the $200,000 event gives further recognition to a growing segment of bowl- ing’s clientele — about the only growing segment, it turns out.


Another step forward for the Women’s Movement.

Mixed leagues had been around for a long time, but delegates at the ABC Con- vention take it a step fur- ther by voting to open full membership to women. The change is immediately felt at the ABC Tourna- ment, as female bowlers take to the lanes. Rayetta Dominguez, rolling with the Booster Team champs, becomes the first woman to win an ABC eagle.

1994 3

The ageless one is perfect... two more times.

In September, 86-year-old Joe Nor-

ris rolls a perfect game, but doesn’t set the record for oldest 300 shooter be- cause the score isn’t sanc- tioned. So, in December, he bowls another 300, this time in a sanctioned league. He had rolled his first perfect game in 1927. Though the Norris record for oldest 300 shooter is later broken, his 67-year gap between perfect scores remains the longest in history.

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