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his is Nevis, and you’re invited to visit. We invite you because your visit will be to

a refreshingly different place and you’ll know it the moment you get here. It is the perfect mix of the old historical charm of the Caribbean of the past and the modern day Caribbean. In other words,Nevis is not typical, it is very special. The traveller who loves history and relaxation will holiday in a blissful utopia. The mix of history, beaches and complete natural beauty combined with the friendliest people anywhere is


Size: 36 sq miles Currency: East Caribbean dollar Population: 12,000 Main City: Charlestown Local Beer: Carib Dish of the Day: Corn meal and steamed fish. Or goat water (a popular stew traditionally enjoyed on Saturdays)

Nevis Tourism Authority: Main Street, Charlestown,Nevis, WI T: 01305 233107 E: W: The-Island-of-Nevis-West-Indies @NevisNaturally NevisNaturally

What’s New? The historic Bath Stream and Bath House near Charlestown is to be restored and preserved as a visitor attraction

bound to make Nevis your favourite vacation destination. Now, if you love sports and want a more active holiday,Nevis is the place. Sports enthusiasts, athletes and fans will really enjoy a Nevis stay. The well- planned visit provides chances to experience the globally renowned Nevis International Triathlon, the most unique horse racing in the Caribbean, the exciting Nevis Fishing Tournament or the unexpected surprise of the West Indies, drag racing. If you’re a fan of other sports, we welcome you nonetheless because there is so much more on offer on the island of Nevis. Our invitation stands and we’ll be here to welcome you.


Five days in Nevis for families Day1: Boat transfer into Nevis; greeted at the pier and escorted to our guest room; head to our family friendly Ocean pool; dinner at Coral Grill (with children’s menu).


Day 2: Take an island tour including Charlestown; stop at the Bath Hotel, stroll to the thermal springs; the Horatio Nelson Museum; visit the site where Nelson and Fanny exchanged marriage vows in 1787; lunch and relax with kids at Chrishi Beach club lounge; visit St Thomas Church; dinner at Bananas Restaurant.

Day 3: Rent a cabana alongside St. Pinney’s beach; Mango for lunch; see the Coconut Story – its role in Nevisian culture, history and cuisine; Montpelier Plantation for dinner.

Useful Apps: Montpelier iPhone/ iPad Application. Island information including restaurants and weather forecast. The app allows you to book a room, a spa treatment or a restaurant table. Free from Apple iTunes Stores.

Day 4. Climb Nevis Peak or play 18 holes of golf; dinner at Sunshine ‘s Beach Bar & Grill.

Day 5. Sail on The Caona – snorkel or scuba dive or just enjoy the views; lunch at Paradise drive-through – one last memorable dining experience.


Caribbean culture with Spanish heart and American style. Located in the heart of the


Caribbean, Puerto Rico has three main islands; Puerto Rico, Culebra and Vieques. Puerto Rico is home to 300 flawless beaches, three of the world’s seven bioluminescent bays and El Yunque, the only rainforest in the US National Parks System.

uerto Rico is a destination like no other, a land that combines laid-back

Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Third Floor, Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, London SE1 2SX T: 020 7367 0982 E: W: Channel: PRTourismCo

SeePuertoRico @PRTourismCo SeePuertoRico

What’s New? BAHIA URBANA, a fabulous 47-acre bayside pedestrian park in Old San Juan. See

There is plenty that is new in Old San Juan! BAHIA URBANA at Pier 6, was inaugurated in October 2012 as the islet’s newest attraction.A bright waterfront pedestrian park with lush landscaping and outdoor seating leads to a new dock area for seaplanes and water taxis and has moorings for tall ships and mega yachts.A pedestrian bridge continues to Piers 7 & 8 where there’s a waterfront walkway, an urban beach, restaurant, a dock for sailboats, stage for concerts and even a trapeze school. Boasting cafes, artisans’ stalls, live music and the urban beach, water taxis and seaplanes all convene in Bahia Urbana as a perfect spot to enjoy while overlooking the

40 WWW.CARIBBEAN.CO.UK LovetheCaribbean @_LoveCaribbean

beautiful San Juan bay. The place to see and be seen,

Puerto Rico combines the laid-back luxe of the Caribbean with the cosmopolitan nightlife of a US city. Dance till dawn and take a sunrise stroll on one of the white sand beaches for the ultimate Caribbean chic experience.


Size: 100 miles by 35 miles Currency: US dollar Population: 4.2 million Language: Spanish and English Main City: San Juan Local Beer: Medalla Dish of the Day: Mofongo (mashed plantains with seafood, meat or vegetables)


Following my visit to Puerto Rico in 2011, initially I was trying to get my head around whether the destination was trying to be Caribbean, Latin American or North American but then came to the conclusion that it’s a mixture, so suits all tastes. Las Vegas, meets Miami, meets Beverly Hills, meets Latin America.


I love the fact you can either use Puerto Rico as a one-stop shop, purely beach or combination of history and culture, beach, nature,

adventure sports, shopping, nightlife and gambling, plus a great gateway to combine with other Caribbean islands, Miami or New York or use San Juan as a weekend getaway for couples, singles or groups of friends celebrating birthdays and other occasions.

David Pointer, Head of Product, Western & Oriental

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