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On the French island of Guadeloupe, Désirade is its

er rst eoloical natre resere and he atre esere of the rand ldeacarin has seen the reintrodction of the est ndian anatee Dominica has a elldesered retation as the

arieans natre island and is also the hale atchin caital of the ariean he olar aitli atre rail rns the  ile lenth of the island and is the arieans rst lon distrance hiin trail Or, for ore fllon adentre, chec ot Guyana hich is a aradise for natre loers ith ristine aonian rainforests, iense aterfalls and aain ildlife interinled ith a rich indienos cltre t still has a dnaic i of erindian and iirant olations and is rich in tales of ties hen an and the enironent lied in ch reater haron Venezuela coines its dash of aon rainforest

ith the lains of os lanos, the sralin Orinoco rier, the taleto ontains of the ran aana and the ariean islands of os oes till on the frines of toris, the os oes rchielao ational ar is a erfect choice for eco elorers iiliarl, Haiti and Belize ill aeal if o

ant to et offtheeatentrac Haiti has been described as the sol of the aribbean and offers tres to the Orated itadelle aferrière  the biest historic fortress in the aribbean Belize cobines lsh rainforest ith aan teles, scba diin ith hale shars and the estern heisheres lonest barrier reef Bonaire is non for its ristine arine enironent and a recentllanched oral estoration rorae while Grenada is hoe to one of the larest enironental schees in the aribbean  the worlds rst nderwater cltre ar, established in 

as an ar sbse

n articial reef habitat seent to rricane

an ts ont inna


roert recentl lanched a inna

nched Ca naon, a

cltral eerience which bene

for each Fa

ets the local conit b initinnvitin a local child to nd ca

attend ca for each Fail scae acae booed Tobago has to be one of the ost biodierse

e boo

nations in the aribbean and is a aradise for birdwatchers, with ore than  secies of troical birds t also has teein reefs and rotected rainforests and an annal trtle hatchin rorae eihborin Trinidad has lent for birdwatchers too eseciall at the sa riht atre entre Antigua too has trtle conseration roraes whilst Jamaica’s Green Grotto Caves has becoe the islands rst toris attraction to be awarded arthChecs latin Certication for its dedicated conservation efforts he Caribbean is one of the ost scenic laces to view volcanic activit ast and resent n Montserrat visitors can witness an active volcano fro a safe distance and visit he ontserrat olcano Observator in Fleins

Main: Feel the force by the the Caribbean’s waterfalls (Grenada) Above from top: carlet bis in iht (rinidad  obao) Grenada’s underwater sculture ar and a stunnin wild cat (elie)




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