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uthentic, like its people; attractive, like its beaches; surprising, like its cities;

contrasting, like its natural environment; and fascinating, like its culture, Cuba is a combination of riches. A heterogeneous mixture of races and cultures, of styles and rhythms, of aromas and fl avours, this magical archipelago imposes its charm, and has a seductive power which is attracting an ever-growing number of visitors, eager to experience the


Size: 42, 804 sq miles Currency: Cuban peso Population: 11,240,000 Language: Spanish Main City: Havana Local Beer: Cristal and Bucanero Dish of the Day: Roast pig (cooked over an open fi re and marinated in salt, garlic, and sour orange juice). Rice and Red Beans (cooked with coconut milk in a lower heat and served with red pepper slices).

Cuba Tourist Board: 1st Floor, 154 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8HL T: 020 7240 6655 E: W:

What’s New? The new Gaviota Varadero Marina with a great vessel fl eet of its own – catamarans, leisure boats and fi shing vessels

country to the full. To stroll around its towns and cities is to be drawn into its captivating past which can be seen in its architecture and history. To enjoy its culture is to become part of the very soul of this charming and dynamic island, with its rich heritage of music, dance, drama, literature, fi lm and culinary art. Cuba is home to several UNESCO biosphere reserves, parks and ecological reserves with a conservation focus. This is not just another typical holiday island. This is Cuba, authentic and unique. Its natural splendour is perhaps best described in Columbus’ legendary description: “This is the most beautiful land that human


I love exploring the street markets and art shops of old Havana, admiring the wealth of restored Spanish colonial architecture and 50’s American cars. Then, out west, the total tranquillity of Viñales


Valley, with its tobacco farmlands and sugarloaf mountains followed by an overland journey to the historic UNESCO heritage city of Trinidad.

eyes have ever seen”. As such, the great explorer became the fi rst outsider to praise the island and see how much Cuba had to give. A true natural paradise, this authentic island contains great treasures of fl ora and fauna, with numerous endemic species.

Located on the underbelly of Cuba’s crocodile shape, this is the place to listen to jazz, salsa and rock in the House of Music and walk the pebbled streets. Nearby the valley of the sugarmills recalls the distant time of the plantations, with the super sweet liquid squeezed out of raw sugar cane followed by hiking in the Topes de Collantes mountains with its prehistoric fern trees and exotic habitats. The perfect spot to relax is on white sands at Cayo Santa Maria, to enjoy a paradise of beautiful scenery and amazing beaches. Gordon Burnett, Managing Director, Interchange UK


on Bini! Welcome to Curaçao, the island where you feel and

discover the colours and the warmth of the Caribbean. Many people are already familiar with the island’s stunning white beaches and azure blue bays. Visitors can enjoy Curaçao’s

colourful carnival, the harvest parade and various year-round events that are of world-class stature. They can take a walk in Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad, and

Curaçao Tourist Board Europe: Anna van Buerenplein 41, 2595 DA Den Haag, The Netherlands T: 0031 70 891 6600 E: W: curacaotb @CuracaoTravel


What’s New? Papagayo Beach & Design Hotel which combines the comfort of a detached villa with the service of a fi ve-star hotel

experience the island’s rich cultural heritage and its characteristic colourful buildings that have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1997. Taste the richness of the cuisine

on Curaçao that originated from the several different cultures that have established themselves on the island. Our rich heritage is both European and African – representing more than 50 different nationalities. Most people in Curaçao therefore speak Dutch, Spanish and English – as well as the local language, Papiamentu which is a colourful Creole dialect. Experience this hidden treasure

of the Caribbean. Fall in love with Curaçao’s warm and welcoming

culture, its world-class diving, the beaches and, of course, invigorating outdoor adventures. Curaçao welcomes you with open

arms, so come and discover an island that will make you feel right at home. Enjoy your stay!


Size: 144 sq miles Currency: Netherlands Antillian guilder (also called the fl orin) Population: 150,000 Language: Papiamentu as well as Dutch, English and Spanish Main City: Willemstad Local Beer: Amstel Dish of the Day: Kabritu Stobá, a wonderful stew of Goat meat, which is served with white rice and fried plantains.

Itinerary 5 days in Curaçao R Day 1: Island Tour ‘Highlights of

Curacao’ by tourbus; dinner at Mundo Bizarro Restaurant

Day 2: Westpunt Tour (Boca Tabla, Shete Boca National Park); lunch at Komedor Krioyo; visit Museo Tula (Museum); beach hopping; dinner at Bistro Le Clochard

Day 3: Walking tour (Otrabanda and Punda); visit Museum Kura Hulanda; lunch at Marshe bieu; Visit Maritiem museum; dinner at Fort Nassau Day 4: Visit Dolphin academy for swim or encounter; lunch at Cravings Sushi; shopping tour (visit different shopping centres); dinner at Omundo Day 5: Visit Chobolobo Liqueur Factory; lunch at La Bahia; visit Aloe Farm; visit Dinah Veeris tour; dinner at Brakkeput Mei Mei

Martin Does, Managing Director of Does

Travel & Cadushi Tours / Manager Business Unit Caribbean & Latin, KUONI Nederland

LovetheCaribbean @_LoveCaribbean WWW.CARIBBEAN.CO.UK 35

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