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rom the beaches, the sunshine, the food and the sporting pursuits to the

nightlife, the gardens, the rum and the people… the list of reasons to visit Barbados is endless.All of this plus so much history and culture – for what is less known, is that Barbados can now add another reason to visit to the ever- expanding list. After years of hard work, the island now proudly boasts its first UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site, Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.When in Barbados, a visit to the capital Bridgetown is

Barbados Tourism Authority: 263 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7LA T: 020 7299 7175 E: W: VisitBarbados @Barbados

What’s New? The Garrison tunnels – synonymous with Barbados’ historical past – are opening up for public viewing

definitely not to be missed. One of the world’s most

recognised pop starlets – Rihanna – is from Barbados. Despite a workload of concerts and recording new material, Rihanna is so proud of her Bajan roots that she has become a tourism ambassador for the island. It’s not hard to see why this musical phenomenon returns home as often as she can. Barbados’ packed calendar


Size: 21 miles by 14 miles Currency: Barbadian dollar Population: 275,000 Main City: Bridgetown Local Beer: Banks Dish of the Day: Flying Fish and Cou Cou

of sporting and cultural events includes cricket matches, football tournaments, sailing regattas, golf, polo, food festivals, fashion shows and much, much more. It’s true to say that this remarkable island offers something to suit everyone. Come soak up the sun and indulge

in the tranquillity of the picture postcard tropical vistas.


Watersports and Barbados go hand in hand — with more than 60 miles of coastline around an island that is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, the crash of waves is never far away. For serious surfers there’s the internationally recognised Soup Bowl and the excellent Bathsheba beach on the east coast, while in the south the top spots are South Point, Miami Beach and Silver Sands. The south is also excellent for kite and windsurfing, while many of the hotels have small water sports centres offering sailing, kayaking and snorkelling. Spending time out on a catamaran is very relaxing. There are lots of companies on the island offering excursions, and the food they serve you is simply delicious. I highly recommend.


After a day out on the water, I’ll kick back in a rum shop with some Mount Gay or a Banks, and watch the world go by.

Brian Talma, international windsurfing hero

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iscover one of the last unspoiled places on Earth. Just a two-hour flight

from the United States, Belize is the perfect place to visit for those travellers in search of unique, non- touristy experiences in a Caribbean/ Central American getaway. Situated on the eastern coast of

Central America and bordered by Guatemala and Mexico, Belize offers an amazing tropical getaway with the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, and so much more.

Belize Tourism Board: 64 Regent Street, P.O. Box 325, Belize City, Belize T: 00 501 227 2420 E: W: travelbelize


What’s New? One of the jewels of the Belize Barrier Reef, Turneffe Atoll, was recently designated as a marine reserve

Here you can experience more in one country than anywhere else on Earth. From the country’s lush tropical rainforests and mysterious Maya temples, through to scuba diving with whale sharks in the western hemisphere’s longest barrier reef and the uncrowded sandy beaches, Belize truly has something for every traveller. But without doubt, the country’s

greatest resource is its people. Known as a cultural melting pot you’ll be greeted by a mix of traditions carried on by Garifunas, Mennonites, Kriols and Maya (in Belize since 1500 B.C.), all coming together to create a uniquely Belizean experience; all in an English-speaking country.

32 WWW.CARIBBEAN.CO.UK LovetheCaribbean @_LoveCaribbean

An enduring commitment to the preservation of Belizean lands and waters inspires a genuine and intimate connection with Belize. Wherever you come from, you are warmly invited to discover just what it’s like to leave all your notions of the expected holiday behind and simply discover in Belize ‘how to be’.


Size: 8,867 sq miles Currency: Belize dollars Population: 350,000 Language: English/Spanish Main City: Belmopan Local Beer: Belikin Beer Dish of the Day: Rice and beans, stew chicken, potato salad, and fried plantain


Four days in Southern Belize Day 1: Begin your journey in the


sleepy fishing village called Hopkins. It’s a great stop for relaxing on the beach, hiking the rainforest, Maya site exploration and day trips offshore for snorkelling, scuba diving or deep sea fishing.

Day 2: See the wildlife and more at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve, one of the world’s only jaguar reserves right on the edge of the Maya Mountains and rainforest.

Day 3: Visit Punta Gorda, for a great blend of cultures and travellers. Colourful markets are filled with local produce, vendors and goods from neighbouring countries.

Day 4: Depart for a uniquely Belizean cultural experience in a Mopan

Village – The Maya Homestay allows stays with a Maya family to enjoy a low-key, intimate cultural exchange.

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