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Ball Review

Lane #1: Grindr Hook 52.5 • Length 15 • Breakpoint Shape 16

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Manufacturer’s Intent: “The GrindR is designed to be clean up front, allowing you to stay straighter through the lane, saving all the power for the backend,” says Lane #1 owner Richie Sposato. “With our patented center cut symmetrical diamond core, the pearl GrindR still generates mid-lane roll without the early hook of our solid Grind [April 2013].” Core Design: The center

cut Diamond core has an RG of 2.47 and a differential reading of .052. We saw nearly 6 inches of track flare with strong 4-inch pin above the finger layouts. The core revs fast and is very continuous downlane. The Grind solid also uses this core. Coverstock: The GrindR showcases the Pure Explosion pearlized coverstock formula. This series of covers has been one of the most successful in Lane #1’s history. Coloring is a mix of deep purple and silver pearls, all high polished after a 4000-grit sanding process. Response time is quick and strong off friction, and moderate in oil. The Ra measures 1.85. The effective surface grit is 5350.

Test Results: The new GrindR is one powerful pearl. Fast, easy revs from the core and an explosive reaction near the breakpoint create an impressive down-lane visual most players will find very enticing.

We would almost classify the GrindR as a skid/flip pearl, but hesitate to do so because it was easier to read than a true skid/flip. This subtle characteristic is very important as the GrindR can actually handle heavier volumes and tugs into the oil puddle, a trait that increases its usability range and generally improves

pin carry. Slight surface tweaks with a scuff pad extend its uses even more as we saw a 58 hook rating when it was dual-grit sanded to 500/2000.

When to Use: The GrindR can be used on most medium, medium-heavy and heavier patterns, contingent on the chosen surface grit. With box finish, most will enjoy its easy length and quick, strong breakpoint motion, which enhances one’s entry angle to the pocket. We saw impressive pin carry from all angles of attack — from board 2 to board 25. Speed-dominant types should consider sanding the surface and using lower quad- rant weight holes, as this improves mid-lane motion and total hook. Our favorite all-pur- pose layout incorporated a 4-inch pin dis- tance using Sposato’s drilling guide.


Amf: Incinerate Hook 58.5 • Length 13.5 • Breakpoint Shape 15.5

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Manufacturer’s Intent: “This ball is all about maximum hook,” says AMF’s Tom Restey. “With its F90 coverstock, our strongest to date, the Incinerate will simply out- hook anything that [AMF] has made before, pushing the boundaries of aggressive ball motion. It even has an ‘F90 Warning’ logo engraved on the side of the ball. With the lower-RG, high- Diff F90 shell and ‘E’ finish, it will hook massive amounts in the mids and still continue well downlane through the pins.”

Core Design: The symmetric core for the Incinerate boasts an RG of 2.49 and .050 differential for 15-lb. equipment. We saw nearly 5.5 inches of oil-loving track flare with both a 4-inch pin above the fingers and a 3.5-inch pin below the fingers.

Coverstock: The solid F90 reac- tive cover formula is the strength of the Incinerate. This formula displays above-average traction in oil, with a moderately quick response time off friction. The black with blue shimmer color scheme goes well with the 1500- grit nEat factory finish. Our Laser scan-

ner read the effective surface grit at 1700, with an oil-loving 22 Ra. Test Results: Speed-dominant players and those who can never seem to get enough total hook should consider employing the services of the AMF Incinerate. The ball never over-shot the breakpoint and displayed above-average down-lane continuation, which is no easy task for a solid reactive with this degree of surface grit. Hitting power was strong and consistent, and the core was

generally release-friendly. The core responded very well to hand position changes, and the coverstock also can be made smoother for added length, if needed. When compared to a 20-game-old, like-drilled AMF Green Mamba (July 2012), the Incinerate was three to four boards stronger and an average 2-feet earlier when used in heavier oil. When to Use: Use confidently when looking for an earlier motion with strong continuation downlane on medium-heavy to heavier oil volumes. Slower speed players will likely need to smooth to a higher grit or even add light polish to prevent too-early motion. We really like our pin down layout when playing more up the boards, and our pin above when following lane transition and moving inside.

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