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Prepare to launch: Click on the video and let Bryan O’Keefe guide you through the prop- er steps to presetting your launch angle on spares.

Presetting your launch angle means

your feet, your hips and your shoulders are all pointed in the same direction. Let’s say you’re playing the middle of the lane, crossing to the left of the third arrow with a break point at the No.5 board. In that instance you wouldn’t want your feet, hips and shoulders square to the lane. You’d want all three components to be opened up toward the break point, to- wards the angle you’d ideally like the ball to travel off your hand. Once you start your approach, your feet will fall back into a straight path, but your body is angled in the desired direction. The problem many bowlers have is trying to redirect their body after they

begin their approach. Let’s say you want to roll right up the fi rst arrow. If your hips and shoulders are open at the preset, the ball is going to go right off your hand. To compensate, you would have to twist your hips and shoulders back to a more direct angle during your approach. That’s not a good recipe for consistency. In general, the upper body is

going to follow the lower body, so if your feet and hips are open but your shoulders are closed, your shoulders are eventually going to want to open up. That’s why it’s so critical that all three are pointing in the same direction before you start your approach.

Again, presetting your launch angle

is important on every shot, but bowlers tend to forget that when shooting spares. At the International Training and Research Center we see bowlers take great pains to preset on their strike ball, then use the same squared-up preset to pick up the 10 pin spare. Every bowler has a diff erent spare

system. Some shoot the 7 pin from the far right, while others shoot the same

spare from the center of the lane. The preset launch angle for each

would be signifi cantly diff erent. From the far right, you really have to close down that angle. Some bowlers aren’t comfortable doing that, so they shoot from the center of the lane. Regardless of the angle at which you are aiming at that spare, make sure your feet, hips and shoulders are pointed in that direction in your setup.

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June 2013

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