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Technique Josh Blanchard By Bryan O’Keefe


Forgetting to preset your launch angle on spares will cost you W

e’ve spent plenty of time emphasizing the importance of presetting your launch angle. Bowlers tend to focus on this fundamental before their strike ball, but tend to for-

get its importance on their spare shots.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// As a refresher, the launch angle is the

angle at which the ball comes off your hand. For a right-handed bowler, a steep launch angle is one in which the ball comes off your hand farther to the right. The straighter up the lane and to the pocket the ball travels, the more direct the launch angle. It has more to do with your stance and approach to the line than with the physical release of the ball.

Likewise, presetting your launch angle is not about walking toward your target. Some bowlers do that for single-pin spares, but generally you should just play the lane. Your approach should stay consistent, but you should set the angle of your body in such a way that it will be easier to project the ball to the right if we need it to hook more, or set your launch angle tight or square if you’re trying to play more direct.

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