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BY J.R. SCHMIDT { } 1963

Don Carter signs for $1 million.

The world’s most famous bowler inks a 10-year pact with Ebonite for $100,000 per year. Though a few prize fi ghters have earned more for a title bout, Carter becomes the fi rst athlete with a guaranteed $1 million payday.

singles event called the Eu- ropean Masters, the fi rst In- ternational Masters is held in Ireland. The tournament becomes the Bowling World Cup in 1969. Sponsored by AMF, and later QubicaAMF, the annual event continues to showcase competitive bowling in various venues around the world. (Photo: 1965 tournament host Stillorgan Bowl in Dublin.)

1965 4

International Masters/World Cup debuts.

Building on the wreck- age of a struggling


Overconfi dent and over- built, the bowling industry is forced to retrench. ABC membership is spiraling downward, and the num- ber of bowling centers is dropping. BPAA decides to junk its long-estab- lished team and doubles match game events. In an unconscious bit of sym- bolism, ABC cuts nearly half the listings from its “Who’s Who in Bowling.”


THE 1960s 1966

Bowling’s big


earns recognition as Bowler of the Year. Make that two left-handed bowlers — Dave Davis (pictured below) for the men, and Millie Martorella for the women. Changes in lane conditions have fi nally given south- paws an equal competitive chance.

1967 5

rise of left-handers.

For the fi rst time, a left-handed bowler

1969 6

A tenpin boom in Japan.

Bowling becomes the latest U.S. import

to captivate the Japa- nese. Newly built centers operate around the clock, with linage of up to 90 games per bed each day. Tokyo’s nine-fl oor World Bowl boasts an incredi- ble 252 lanes, and then adds another 252 in an identical building next door. The fad eventual- ly runs its course, and Japanese bowling settles down at a more rea- sonable level. (Photo: A “typical” bowling venue in Japan — a large commer- cial building.)

About The Author: J.R. Schmidt has been BJI’s resident historian since 1990. Normally, he writes the monthly “Time Capsule” feature,but during BJI’s 100th an- niversary year, we’ve asked him to assemble a monthly bowling timeline — one for each decade of the magazine’s exis- tence — to be comple- mented by photographs and illustrations from BJI’s massive “morgue.” Schmidt, an avid bowler, also maintains a blog about bowling history.

CLICK HERE: To check out his personal photo gallery of ABC/USBC Open Tournament team photos

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