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Morgan Street Station, Chicago The elevated Morgan Street Station in Chicago contains 12,500 square feet of space for commut- ers that defi nes the Fulton Market District. Owned by the Chicago Department of Transportation and designed by Ross Barney Architects, the choice was made to use steel the predominant material for its combination of high strength, high-recycled content, regional availability and fabrication, durabil- ity and ability to provide weather, salt and abuse- resistant fi nishes. The large project included a variety of subcon-

tractors. Western Remac installed the structural steel transit panels. U.S. Architectural Glass & Metal installed the perforated panels, guardrails, handrails, glazed window wall system, stairs and decking. Tefft Bridge & Iron Inc. furnished the structural steel, and W.E.B. Production and Fabricating installed the structural steel. Whited Brothers Inc. fabricated and installed the fl ashing and gutters. Cabworks LLC installed the customer assistance kiosks. Boom Edam Tomsen fabri- cated the rotogates, while Hayward Baker, was responsible for the micropiles. Precision Metals & Hardware installed the steel doors. Lockport Steel Fabricators and Binzel Industries fabricated most of the miscellaneous and architectural metals.

For the station, track, canopy and bridge super-

structure, 1.25 million pounds of painted structural steel was used. The platform and stair guardrails feature 5,000 square feet of Type 304 stainless steel with a #4 fi nish, as do the 1,500 square feet of handrails, 3,500 square feet of ceiling and wall panels, six benches, two customer assistant kiosks, two rotogates and other miscellaneous metals within the public areas. Type 316 stainless steel with a #4 fi nish was used for 12,000 square feet of per- forated panel cladding and support systems. Hot-dip galvanized steel was used for 1,200 feet of canopy purlins, gutters, downspouts and windbreaks. In addition, 5,700 square feet of glazed area holds a glazing support system and features stair stringers, lintels at masonry openings and stair roof support framing. One thousand square feet of galvanized steel was used for stair enclosures, while cast iron was used for the stair treads. Due to the fact there is not a defi ned building

envelope, sustainable strategies for the project concentrated primarily on materials and resources. Steel and concrete are the predominantly used ma- terials, each of which are made up of high amounts of recycled content. Polycarbonate panels have both a high recycled content and are regionally pro-

duced; granite fl ooring was extracted from regional quarries; and glazing was regionally produced. The project landscaping is drought tolerant and requires no irrigation. New bicycle racks encourage the use of alternative transportation.

Owner: Chicago Department of Transportation, Chicago General contractor: F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates Inc., Chicago Architect: Ross Barney Architects, Chicago Structural and civil engineer: TransSystems, Chicago Accessories fabricators: Boom Edam Tomsed, Lillington, N.C., and Hayward Baker, Roselle, Ill. Accessories installers: Whited Brothers Inc., South Holland, Ill., and Cabworks LLC, Franklin Park, Ill. Perforated panels and glazing installer: U.S.

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