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20 World Beekeeping Awards: Apimondia 2013

22 The Promise of Polyandry Keith Delaplane

24 The Structure and Main Constituents of the (Adult) Cuticle

Margaret Cowley August 2013 Vol 95 No 8

26 The Native Bee: Part Three Dorian Pritchard

August is both the highlight and the turning point of the beekeeping year. At the beginning of the month, there is the pleasure of removing the honey crop after the main summer nectar fl ow – the reward for good husbandry during the preceding months. Removal of the crop is quickly followed by varroa treatment where required and the start of preparations for overwintering with sound hives, healthy colonies, young fertile queens and suffi cient stores to last the winter.

It is often said August is the start of the beekeeping year. If you do not already do so, try keeping your colony records to this same calendar – you can then look back with ease to see how your overwintering preparations at the end of the previous summer have ultimately affected the health, vigour and success of a colony in the current year. It is also ‘show season’ in many areas of the UK. For honey shows to be successful and to continue to promote our craft to the public, they require support and competition entries – all the more important in ‘poor’ seasons when honey may be scarce. If you have not shown before, then I would encourage you to do so – most shows have novice and ‘fun’ classes, and classes for children to enter. Volunteering to set up and take down staging, to man the honey stall or to act as a steward are all other ways to get involved.

For many beekeepers, August is also time to take their colonies to the heather. For those of you doing so, I wish you good luck and full supers!

Alex Ellis, Deputy Editor Contents

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29 Four Have Fun in Münster Simon Carvill

31 George Birks Chris Coulson

33 Letter from New Zealand David Cramp

35 That Crunch Moment! Don Honey

37 Bee Plant of the Month: Rosebay Willowherb Bridget Beattie

39 Bee-mad Mayor Sally Ann Fellowes

40 Harry Riches: An Appreciation David Charles

43 Obituary: Jim Hopkins Peter Spencer

44 The ‘B’ Kids

46 Classified Advertisements, Calendar and Courses

The Informed Voice of British Beekeeping

August 2013

The Promise of Polyandry Bee Farmers’ Apprenticeships • Choosing Microscopes • Nature’s Calendar • Harry Riches

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