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20 : World Beekeeping Awards APIMONDIA 2013

Beekeeping Awards


this October. Today, honey festivals and shows play an important role in the beekeeping culture of different countries. Their main goal is to improve quality standards of honey and other bee products offered to consumers in the market and to raise awareness amongst the general public about the important role of bees in everyday life.


World Beekeeping Awards (WBA)

The world’s foremost contest of this kind, the World Beekeeping Awards (WBA) will be held for the fifth time during

he best honey in the world will be selected in Ukraine

the forty-third International Apimondia Congress in Kyiv this September. The contest was first introduced as the World Honey Show at the thirty-ninth Apimondia Congress in Dublin in 2005. The World Beekeeping Awards is an international competition organised exclusively for the presentation of bee products of the highest quality, as well as for various innovations, art and hobbies related to beekeeping. The goal of the organisers is quite ambitious – to set the universal international standard of quality in beekeeping. The Organising Committee of the Apimondia International Apicultural Congress invites all beekeepers, experts in the field of beekeeping, beekeeping

enthusiasts and others in the field to participate in one of the three categories.

Commercial Classes

Commercial classes are organised for producers of bee products from around the world who are engaged in the honey business. The entries include products already on the market, labelled and accompanied by quality and safety certificates from an international laboratory. Only the winners of the commercial classes are eligible to compete for one of the four grand prizes.

The Honey Silver Bowl for the

World’s Best Honey has been endowed by Carl and Virginia Webb – whose honey has won the highest Apimondia medals many times. The Oak Shield for the World’s Best Beekeeping Display is sponsored by Sodruzhestvo – Ukraine’s foremost honey exporter and general sponsor of the Congress. All medal winners in the commercial classes category will be granted full rights to use the Apimondia medal on the label of their products.

Individual Classes

Classes for individuals are designed especially for those

for whom beekeeping is a fascinating, occasionally profitable hobby, or an exciting small business. This category includes honey, beeswax and beekeeping display classes. All exhibits must be genuine products from the participant’s own apiary and harvested during the last calendar year. Requirements for the beekeeping products for individual classes are the following: absence of labels or seals, adequate filling of containers with honey, uniformity of exhibits in one category, purity and transparency of the product, absence of contamination in the product and clean packaging. The traditional Apimondia contests for experts and enthusiasts are another part of the programme. They are an exceptional opportunity to present beekeeping-related products at the highest level, be it a book, an invention, a magazine, a website or a documentary. Hobbyists are welcome to present beekeeping collections, photographs and different artistic works. In Kyiv, a new under-18 category is being introduced for the first time. Young beekeepers can submit their paintings and decorative exhibits to compete for Apimondia medals.

The best honey in the world will be selected in Ukraine this October

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