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parental homes – resulting in a disparity of available care.” “The largest cohort of the population that could supplement these needs is the aged themselves. Even with current changes of statutory retirement, there is a substantial pool of skilled individuals from all disciplines, accompanied by a great potential to develop new skills when required. The pool would provide a voluntary body fully capable of running the U4U programme.”

“Involvement could be short-term and eventually individuals may need the very support they are providing. Medical needs remain a separate specialist requirement, but an efficient age-support service would identify needs more effectively. Social services and a large number of charitable bodies and volunteers provide help for the aged, but companionship is usually short–term and many have to sell their homes and use their life-time investments to afford long-term care.”

What next?

JL – The problems: Lack of companionship, loneliness and depression. The need for mental, physical and material support. The need for more voluntary carers: together with systems for training and monitoring their activities. The Process: Support personal mental/physical needs of the aged; increasing the number and diversity of communal activities & clubs. Shared accommodation with all groups, within strictly defined parameters

U4U is primarily directed at education, training and monitoring carers, and research into all aspects of their role: matching needs with resources; identifying organization types; exploring reciprocal benefits and links with other bodies in the field, including training opportunities; developing legal contractual systems to cover all forms of carer activity; surveying and piloting systems in different central London communities. Monitoring: measuring effectiveness and efficiency of care, using existing or developing scoring systems.

Examining threats: abuse to individuals within the carer circle – mental physical and material. Way forward: the U4U team is currently refining its mission, developing its strategy and initiating its programme – subsequent voluntary staff will be obtained through networking and advertising.


New store opens on the Estate

ith local shops closing – Jessops and HMV to name but two – it is most

welcome to see a new shop aiming to serve Barbican residents opening at the foot of Lauderdale Tower. Barbican resident Marianne Christiansen is taking on the shop previously Crispins, which was killed off finally by the Tesco Express store opening on Aldersgate Street. The new shop, called Geranium, should have had its formal opening by the time this magazine comes out, although had been running successful trial openings at weekends, building up to its full time operation. Marianne is proposing to run it as a community shop selling necessities such as everyday groceries. It will also sell bread from the St. John bakery, and cheeses from Neal’s Yard Dairy, eco and organic goods, flowers, plants for Barbican window boxes etc. Barbican Life wishes Geranium success and urges reader’s to use this local facility.


Spitalfields Summer Music Festival

his annual festival covering a huge variety of music and performance will take from June 7th to June 22nd in venues around Spitalfields, Shoreditch, Hoxton – indeed as the organisers describe it in some of East London’s most evocative venues, from little known architectural gems and gritty underground East London locations to the grandeur of hawksmoor’s masterpiece, Christ Church Spitalfields. The programme is far too large to be detailed here but there should be a leaflet in your magazine and full details are available via the website. Bookings are already open and tickets

start from as little as £5 – with many venues free. The festival is a great opportunity for music lovers of all kinds. Do check it out.


St Giles' Cripplegate Stewardship

t Giles’ church, Fore Street offers Sunday and weekday worship including baptisms, weddings and funerals. Community events are hosted - summer and Advent fairs, book fairs and concerts, plays and exhibitions. All this is supported by generous contributions by members of the community. We need £250,000 a year to maintain our beautiful church. If you would like to make a gift please send your cheque to the Parish Office or by direct bank transfer: St Giles Cripplegate Church account 46985867 sort code 56-00-23


BUSINESS NEWS Carslaw Gallery show

he Carslaw St Luke's Gallery, 137 Whitecross Street EC1Y 8JL, is currently exhibiting the hyper realist drawings of young Scottish artist Paul Chiappe. This will be his first solo show since 2008 although he was kept very busy in 2012 with group drawing shows at Tate Britain; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; City Arts Centre, Edinburgh; the Visual Arts Center, New Jersey and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. He


St Giles Cripplegate

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