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A Barbican Business Setting goals and

discovering ways to achieve

If you’re looking to develop personally or professionally, then Michele Cohen, Barbican resident, could be the Coach for you. Stephanie Ross talks to Michele about her approach to coaching.


Michele Cohen Photo by Ravi Juneja

ince the Olympics we’ve been hearing what having a Coach can do for us, from achieving gold’s and reaching goals, to having a positive outlook. Michele combines her 20 years experience working in businesses (including News International and BBC Worldwide), with her coaching, training and neuro-linguistic programming qualifications and skills, to work with both personal and business clients. “I’m passionate about unlocking potential and believing in my clients – even when they might not believe in themselves.” she says Clients work with Michele to achieve the goals or dreams that they have locked away and possibly considered unattainable. “This might start as being something they want to move away from, or, something they want to achieve. Together, we look at

what options there are and what steps they can take. I use the analogy that if it takes one million steps to reach the top of Everest; you have to take the first step first. Then we uncover what that first step is.”

“Of course, my clients don’t have to go to Everest! Sometimes a client wants to develop their social life and we can uncover their current ways of communicating and where they want to be.” Michele suggests that it can be helpful to identify someone they already know who has the behaviours’ that they would like to have. “For example, if a client’s goal is that they want a special relationship and they want to be happy socialising, we look at developing their skills, in the way that suits them. As a qualified NLP practitioner, I can also introduce exercises that help a client be at their

most resourceful self whenever they want to be.”

Other clients include people who want to manage stress and “we identify what it is that they are experiencing. A client may be focused on stressful feelings of anxiety, which they explain that they no longer wish to feel. It can be helpful to discuss the idea that ‘we get what we focus on’ and look at what it is that they do want. We identify actions and techniques that they can use. I also work with many clients who need to find more hours in the day and we look at effective strategies they can adopt.” Michele also works with businesses delivering a range of management training, including time and project management, diagnostic tools, interview and presentation skills, leadership, and coaching skills, delivering benefits to businesses including improved customer service and growth, as well as client and staff retention.

“I work clients who have heaps of fantastic ideas that they want to achieve in their lifetime, who dwell on how it’s not going to happen…and then…it doesn’t.

If you believe that

we get what we focus on, what is it that you want to focus on?”

To arrange an introductory session, please contact Michele directly on 020 7628 0887 or 07939 047 094 or email Twitter @MicheleJCohen.

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