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Outside her compact little house, Ella could see people involved in their daily routines. Mr Brownlow, her elderly next- door neighbour was pottering around in his garden using a longhandled stick to pick up fallen apples from his immaculate lawn, while over the road two Indian ladies, colourful in their bright saris, chatted at the bus stop.

Te book had had a strange effect on Ella. At first she had read in a cynical, half-hearted manner convinced that the book was a money-making ploy instigated by some publisher keen to cash in on the current resurgence in popularity of erotic fiction, but as the story developed she had, against her better judgement, become involved with the lissom, naïve heroine, forced to submit to the will of her handsome but terribly vulnerable millionaire boss as they battled to survive on his luxury yacht adrift in the ocean, finding increasingly sensual ways to pleasure one another whilst fighting off pirates and sharks. By the time Ella had devoured the final chapter and learned why the hero needed a woman he could both master and be mastered by, she found her heart beating faster than usual and her skin was flushed, with beads of perspiration gathering on her top lip.

Relieved to be alone, Ella lay back on her sofa and stretched luxuriously, sliding one hand inside her pyjama trousers and the other inside her pyjama top to cup her breast and gently rub the willing nipple which grew hard and sensitive to her touch. She imagined herself lashed to the mast of the luxury yacht, the waves breaking over her twisting body while Rory, the enigmatic millionaire, shielded her with his lithe and muscled frame, shirt ripped from his chest by the fury of the sea. She moaned in delicious pleasure as waves of ecstasy began to grow within her and in her fevered imagination, Rory’s mouth teased her nipples while he rode her to the realms of madness and beyond.

A sound from outside stopped her in the midst of her growing climax and she opened her eyes to the horrifying discovery that she was no longer alone, and that her private fantasy was in full view of a young man who was in the middle of wiping trails of soapy water from her windows.

Ella froze, mortified and yet strangely aroused by the voyeur, a young man in his early twenties with dark, curly hair that grazed his shoulders and large brown eyes framed by the longest lashes she had ever seen on a man. His full lips were as beautiful as those of any model.

She watched as his right arm moved rhythmically across the large window pane clearing the soapy water, his eyes never leaving her face. Realising that he had been seen, and with no sense of embarrassment for his shameless voyeurism, the young window cleaner smiled at Ella and held up his bucket indicating that he would like to replace his dirty suds with clean water. Ella knew that the outside tap was in full view but, hot and unsatisfied from the abrupt end to her earlier pleasure, she decided that she could at least enjoy watching the boy’s

Te book had had a STRANGE

EFFECT on Ella. At first she had

read in a cynical, HALF-HEARTED manner convinced that the book was a money-making ploy instigated by some publisher keen TO CASH in on the current resurgence in popularity of EROTIC FICTION.

beautiful body as he refilled the bucket. She beckoned for him to enter.

******* ‘You seemed to be having a nice time earlier,’ the window cleaner broke the embarrassed silence and addressed the elephant in the room as he watched the water gushing into the large black bucket.

Ella flushed ‘I thought I was alone’, she mumbled

‘You looked beautiful’, he replied softly, ‘but it seems wrong that you have to give yourself pleasure when so many men would love to have that opportunity.’

His words made Ella brave.

‘Including you?’ she asked. ‘Especially me.’

Ella moved across the room to the sink and stood beside the boy, noticing as she did so that his firm muscles were clearly visible beneath his tight t-shirt. She reached out and touched his arm, nut brown and toned, as he turned off the water. Indicating that he follow her, she led him to the sofa where he pulled her to him and held her between his legs whilst he removed his t-shirt in one smooth action. She could feel the swell of his cock as it strained against his jeans, desperate to be released, and she began to feel an exquisite ache in her groin as he moved his hands inside her pyjama top, the soft silk rasping against his rough hands as they did so.

Te touch of his fingers on her fully erect nipples reverberated throughout her willing body and she shuddered as he pulled down her trousers and sat her astride his thighs so that she could feel his firm manhood pressing against her mound from within the denim. She fumbled with the buttons holding him in until with a swift movement he removed the jeans without dislodging her, and released a cock, so perfect it made Ella gasp.

‘Please’, she begged, encouraging him to push into her with a moan of desire while his hands ripped apart her top and pulled her to his mouth so that he could explore each nipple with his tongue, lightly flicking and sucking so that She no longer knew on which sensation to concentrate: the waves of mounting arousal inside her or the exquisite teasing of her nipples.

She moved slightly, to take him deeper into her and felt him begin to climax. Te thought of the power she had over this sexual creature, drove her on until she could take no more and she came, shouting out in desire as she did so. He was not long after her, checking only that he had satisfied her before allowing his own orgasm to overtake him, a guttural sound leaving him as he did so.

It had taken no more than ten minutes, their mutual passion so intense and desperate that they could go no longer. And when it was done, he left quietly, slipping back into his jeans and t-shirt as he departed, sweat glistening on his body as he did so.

Ella spent the rest of the afternoon, asleep, reliving her passion in her mind for hours, and it was only much later that she realised something that had slipped her mind in the heat of the moment. She hadn’t paid him for the windows! THE END 49

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