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Thermo Scientific CONNECTS™

CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab is a combined method- ology, technology and services offering that transforms lab- oratories into tightly integrated paperless environments.

• Get real-time access to information

• Improve regulatory compliance and data integrity

• Automate processes and reduce manual data handling

CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab delivers the methodology, technology and services necessary to transform today’s laboratories into tightly inte- grated paperless environments, while leveraging existing investments in soft- ware systems, databases and laboratory instrumentation from a wide variety of commercial vendors.

By bridging the islands of data gener- ated in the lab and transforming that data into information that can be used across the enterprise, organizations will reap the benefits of improved access to real-time information, regulatory compliance, data integrity, as well as time and cost savings by automating processes and reducing manual data handling.

CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab is comprised of three unique components — methodology, technology and ser- vices — that combined deliver seamless and continuous data flows from the lab into the enterprise, improving results

for the Paperless Lab

analysis, enabling faster decision mak- ing and improving productivity.

Building on a history of informatics innovations, CONNECTS provides ac- cess to all instrument data via a single interface and allows real-time analysis and investigation of results. The tech- nology converts raw data to a vendor independent XML storage format to ensure future proof data archiving and

Thermo Scientific CONNECTS™ for the Paperless Lab: Methodology: a comprehensive solutions-oriented consultation delivers an assessment of an organization’s current level of laboratory automation, instrument integration and workflow. The assessment highlights potential ROI, operational gains and a plan for implementing solutions that address instances where current workflow relies on human intervention, which can be the cause of bottlenecks or introduce errors.

Technology: the vendor neutral suite of data integration, visualization and management technologies delivers comprehensive laboratory workflow automation, integrating instruments and equipment and connecting data sources with data destinations. The technology enables consolidation of analytical results, including access to raw data and instruments from web browsers and mobile devices.

Services: pre- and post-implementation consulting services are optimized to deliver current and future paperless environments, enabling real-time decision making based on access to aggregated information from the en- tire organization. CONNECTS Services are based on proven methodology for delivering successful projects using industry best practices.

facilitate data and information sharing across the organization, without having to rely on access to the original appli- cation. CONNECTS technology acts as a ‘translator’ of all the individual languages of the lab’s disparate instru- ments and is able to deliver and accept data in the format appropriate for each instrument.


Did you know? By automating the laboratory companies save a tremen- dous amount of time and resources on manual activities in the lab. By automating the lab, CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab delivers improved efficiency, productivity, consistency, quality and reduced costs typically by over 20%.

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