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SC’12 preview

workstations, department and workgroup clusters, and energy-efficient data centre solutions.

Spectra Logic (#412) will present the Spectra Logic T-Finity, a modern design that offers what the company says is industry-leading scalability with the speed necessary to meet the requirements of the most data-intensive environments in the world. T-Finity redefines what customers should expect from modern tape archive and backup solutions, with comprehensive features and significant CapEx and OpEx savings. Its unique design can scale

to 3.6 EB of compressed capacity with TS1140 technology tape drives. Tis extreme capacity can be stored without giving up the density and ease of management that are hallmarks of Spectra enterprise libraries. Visitors to the booth can discover how the T-Finity library is getting the NCSA Blue Waters project to 380 Pbytes.

SysFera (#3465) is an editor of soſtware with a strong experience in the fields of HPC, SaaS, cloud and big data. For soſtware editors, the company builds scalable, reliable SaaS

solutions to move their soſtware offering to the cloud or to deploy it inside an intranet. For industrials, computing centres, research labs and universities, SysFera develops SysFera-DS, a collaborative computing portal that makes intensive applications, oſten usable only by computer experts, accessible to every user from

a regular web browser, no matter their skill level. In addition to its modules for managing applications, users and information, SysFera-DS is now receiving a new module to handle remote visualisation and additional, more precise, metrics for resource usage.

Xyratex (#123) is a provider of data storage technology and an innovator in information capture, movement, analytics, and cloud solutions. Xyratex provides solutions for the HPC and enterprise data-storage markets as well as hard-disk drive capital equipment for the HDD industry. Its ClusterStor family of HPC data-storage solutions delivers Lustre performance, reliability, and ease of management. Xyratex is ranked as the number one OEM provider to the server and storage market and has more than 25 years of experience in disk-storage system R&D. Xyratex supplied more than 4 Exabytes to the enterprise storage market in 2011.

HPC centres and initiatives

The Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) (#2030) is a leader in high-performance computing systems, applications, data and cloud solutions that enable research success. Te centre will highlight Red Cloud services, a new National Science Foundation award focused on managing cloud usage allocation and accounting. In addition to that, CAC will introduce a cloud use survey that attendees are encouraged to participate in to help the NSF plan for the integration of cloud resources into national cyberinfrastructure. CAC will also highlight its roles in the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) project, including user training, campus bridging and architecture and design coordination.

Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ), the German Climate Computing Centre (#3840), is a unique national service centre for climate research which depends on access to HPC systems. Climate modelling produces


enormous amounts of data and at DKRZ more than 20 Petabytes of climate model data is stored. DKRZ provides tools and services to deal with the typically large data sets. Te interdisciplinary nature of climate research requires data integration across different disciplines and data types, and so DKRZ supports the entire data lifecycle, including data documentation, data quality assurance, long- term archiving and network data access within international data federations. At SC’12, DKRZ presents the visualisations

of intricate model experiments, which are a German contribution to the next IPCC assessment report. Te extensive climate

simulations were carried out by DKRZ and Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology with the Earth system model MPI-ESM and occupied one quarter of total computing capacity over a period of two years.

EMI (#3850) is a joint effort between the major European distributed computing middleware providers gLite ARC, UNICORE and dCache. EMI delivers distributed, secure compute and data management services to support and evolve research infrastructures and enable academic and industrial researchers to access resources, data and applications across the world. It targets the needs of users with huge computational and storage demands. EMI improves the existing middleware services and harmonises them, realising a common framework with the result of rendering the middleware to be simpler and easier to use, while reducing the interoperability problems faced by the distributed computing infrastructure providers.

EPCC (#1919) will be highlighting its work on Exascale research, training in the form of its MSc in HPC and PhD positions, and its extensive collaborations with industry. Te

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