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See you in

Salt Lake!

From 12-15 November, the SC’12 exhibition will be taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah. We present some of the upcoming highlights

Altair (#3015) will be running live demonstrations of its HPC portals at SC’12. A leader in digital simulation, the company creates HPC simulation

applications, delivers HPC management tools, and uses the applications/tools to build real products. Te hub for its HPC solutions, PBS Professional, optimises the world’s largest supercomputers. Altair states that it is the workload management soſtware of choice by many supercomputing sites within the Top500, providing maximum security, reliability and energy-efficiency. Compute Manager enables users to run,

monitor and manage workloads on distributed resources remotely, while the Results Visualization Service offers advanced job monitoring capability through inspecting and visualising data from the solver log files. Tis allows the visualisation of animation and plot data for running and completed jobs. Altair’s Access Management Service enables users to share application profiles with specific users and/or groups, and the company’s HPC solver, Radioss, is powered by PBS Professional’s ability to minimise job turn-around time.

Appro (#2443) is a leading developer of innovative supercomputing solutions. Appro is uniquely positioned to support HPC


markets focusing on medium to large- scale deployments where lower total cost of ownership is essential. Appro accelerates technical applications and business results through outstanding price/performance, power efficient and fast time-to-market solutions based on the latest open standards technologies, innovative cluster tools and management soſtware packaged with HPC professional services and support. Visitors to the booth can get an overview of

Appro’s end-to-end supercomputing solutions and to register for a chance to win cool prizes. Appro will showcase its next-generation air- cooled and liquid-cooled HPC technology demos for customers looking to accelerate application results using less energy, lower TCO with faster ROI. In addition, a booth theatre will feature an end-user supercomputing best practices session, technology partner presentations, and there will be an opportunity to win an iPad 3 and many other prizes.

Boston (#110), a leading manufacturer of high-performance, low-powered server, storage and clustered solutions, will present its Viridis server at this year’s Supercomputing exhibition. Te Viridis platform is the first server of its kind to enter general availability. Based on technology from

ARM, the Boston Viridis is driven by the low- powered Calxeda EnergyCore SoCs (System on Chip) that consume as little as five Watts each, providing data centre performance while consuming power comparable to a mobile device. Clustered within a 2U enclosure, each

system holds up to 12 EnergyCards that contain four Calxeda EnergyCore SoCs each. With up to 48 nodes per enclosure, this highly-dense solution contains the equivalent of up to 900 servers per industry standard 42U rack. Supported by Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS and Fedora v17+ distributions, the Calxeda EnergyCore SoC has been shown to run popular soſtware platforms including cloud management soſtware from Openstack and big data technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, applications built in Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and the popular LAMP stack.

At SC’12, Bull (#1131) will be showing its broad range of extreme computing solutions, including its bullx

family of systems designed specifically for HPC, and its HPC on-demand solution. Te latest evolution of the bullx blade system, the B515 accelerator blades, boosts high- performance computing with either two Nvidia Tesla GPUs or two Intel Xeon Phi co-processors. Tey are suited for configurations of all sizes and can be combined with standard CPU-based blades within the same chassis. Bull will also be exhibiting its B700 Direct Liquid Cooling blades, which the company


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