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We’ve been busy – 2011/12 highlights

This report is set against a landscape which featured NHS reforms heralding major changes for the sector, including new opportunities and freedoms for Foundation Trusts. It has also been a time of unprecedented financial challenge with the need to achieve greater efficiencies and further savings while maintaining and improving quality.

This report reflects on the achievements of both previous organisations, now integrated as Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

• We refurbished the Ophthalmology Eye Unit at Basingstoke, creating increased capacity and a much improved environment.

• At Winchester, our Orthopaedic teams made huge advances in recovery treatment for patients having hip and knee replacements. Last year Winchester was recognised as the most improved centre for hip and knee ‘length of stay’ in the south central region.

• We improved our Acute Assessment Units (AAU) in Basingstoke and Winchester. The new unit in Basingstoke is now right next to the Emergency Department so patients referred to the hospital by their GP can be seen and assessed soon after arrival in a brand new environment. If they need to be admitted to the hospital they are transferred to the wards more smoothly. The AAU in Winchester has been improved so that it can now accommodate acutely unwell medical patients in one place with the right specialist staff available in one location. Both these changes mean patients feel more comfortable and secure.

• The Care Quality Commission (CQC) reported our safeguarding of children and our dignity and nutrition for elderly people as excellent.


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