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lift air up and over obstructions, including aircraft, enabling airflow to reach all occupants.

The Kentucky National Guard in Frankfort, Ky., replaced its older Big Ass Fan with a new 24-ft. diameter Powerfoil X2.0 and immediately felt the difference. Guard members operate the Powerfoil X2.0 at the same speed as the previous fan, but feel more air movement in a bigger way.

The Powerfoil X2.0 is the latest in Big Ass Fans technology. Its

redesigned airfoil, winglet and AirFence combination increase the fan’s effective coverage area by 28 percent. The remodeled industrial fan includes a streamlined key pad interface, 150 feet of pre-assembled CAT 5 cable and an IP55-rated, fully covered, variable frequency drive (VFD) enclosure. Furthermore, the Powerfoil X2.0 has retained the Stöber gearbox and its patented NitroSeal Drive, the best gearbox solution the industrial world has to offer. During Frankfort’s hot summers, the mechanics raise the speed of the fan “until the roof looks like it’s going to lift off,” Chief Warrant Officer Ryan Thompson says. “Without the fan, everything is still and stagnant. We can really crank this fan up. The biggest difference with this fan in how much more air movement you can feel.” In the winter, stratification occurs because hot air is approximately five to seven percent lighter than cool air in a space and tends to rise to the ceiling. This can result in a significant temperature difference (10 to 30 F) from floor to ceiling. Large diameter, low speed ceiling fans can be used to de-stratify heat by moving large volumes of air without creating a draft. The steady mixing of air creates a uniform temperature throughout the space, including near the thermostat. Even though the thermostat set point remains the same, the heating system does not have to work as hard to maintain that temperature. The energy savings achieved from reducing the amount of heat escaping through the roof is similar to turning the thermostat down three to five degrees, which can also translate to reductions in operating costs. Mesaba Hangar at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport, an overnight service center for Delta commercial, was a cold and costly work


environment, with warm air escaping through the fabric walls and ceiling. Opening the hangar doors for the 30 to 45 minutes required to move an airplane in or out resulted in the meager heat being replaced by outdoor air at a brisk -30 F.

“Nobody wants to work someplace that’s that cold,” says Randy Anderson, overnight floor supervisor. “Everyone had to take breaks to go and warm up. It absolutely affects dexterity, and we work with a lot of sealants and paints. When it’s really cold, we had to use heat lamps just to get things to cure up.” Two 24-ft. Big Ass Fans were just the ticket to de-stratify warm air

and decrease the hangar’s reheat time from four to six hours to less than two.

“With the fans on, it brings the heat down off the ceiling so we’re actually heating down on the level where all the airplanes are and [where] everybody’s working,” Anderson says. New innovations from the Big Ass Fan Company have expanded to include a number of spot-cooling solutions. These include the portable 8-ft. vertical AirGo and 44-inch Yellow Jacket, a portable, mountable fan.

Era Helicopters of Louisiana used AirGos to replace all the small,

inefficient fans in their hangar, providing cooling in a variety of applications. “We were able to replace all of the small, inefficient fans with two AirGo fans in the hangars,” says John Wyatt, repair station manager. “They are amazingly efficient and their flexible design allows us to easily move the fans around as we need them. Depending on what’s going on, that’s where the fans end up.” Both the AirGo and Yellow Jacket now feature optional misting packages, bringing the cooling power of air conditioning exactly where it’s needed with a fine atomized mist that leaves employees feeling cool—not wet.

For making hangars more comfortable year-round, increasing energy efficiency, and spot cooling where you need it most, Big Ass Fans can solve many hangar air-movement needs. AM

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