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TracWare ( TracWare’s flagship software, AeroTrac, has been designed specifically for MROs. This means that its features mirror “the standard business processes of an aviation MRO organization to ensure discipline, regimentation and control over the management of day-to- day functions says Patrick Waker, the company’s sales director. To do this, AeroTrac integrates technical,

commercial, logistical and financial business processes from initial tender through to

final release and invoice. “The software also has additional add-on modules to manage Warranty, Quality, Production Planning, Reliability, Contract Management, Work Breakdown Structure, Earned Value Analysis and Advanced Purchase Ordering,” Waker says. Some features worth noting: TracWare’s ‘single database policy’ means that the versions of the software are the same at all sites. As well, “any functionality required by the customer that is seen as being of generic benefit to the software

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is incorporated within the support contract,” says Waker. “Some tailoring of the software is possible, but even this is incorporated into a single source code and is restricted by activation keys or other variables controls. The result is an enormously robust application with an enviable array of functionality.” Many MRO businesses live or die based on the ability to control materials. He adds: too much stock results in unnecessary depletion of cash-flow; too little stock and an MRO won’t make the projected turn time. “Good software which is purpose-built for Aviation MRO (such as AeroTrac) will recognize this and give the user the capacity to manage both types of material requirements,” Waker says. “AeroTrac has the classic algorithms for measuring and calculating stock supply, and also provides the tools to manage the more esoteric parts; maximizing use of the most precious resources.”

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44 Aviation Maintenance | | June / July 2012

Trax ( Made by Trax Software, Trax Maintenance is a 23 module software solution that supports “all functions for MRO and shops, plus the ability to support customer aircraft records also,” says Chris Reed, managing director of Trax USA Corporation. “It is based on Windows architecture with an Oracle database in the back-end.” So what makes TRAX Maintenance special? “Electronic sign-off for work is included,” Reed replies. So are “many other functions that can save costs such as inventory optimization, long term planning functions, manpower management, material and tool tracking and customized third party contracts and billing functions.” Trax Maintenance gives MROs a clear view of all costs associated with any given customer job. This allows MROs to “then bill that customer quickly, efficiently and accurately for the work done—improving cash flow and increasing revenue,” says Reed. “Many MROs are never really sure of what a customer job costs them as there are so many hidden costs and ‘slow to arrive’ billing from other suppliers. Trax allows them to track all the costs in real-time and to take account of historical costs also.” Note that Trax Maintenance supports RFID tagging for tool control, plus inventory receiving, issuing, and transferring.

Ultramain Systems ( Ultramain’s Integrated Maintenance and Logistics Software “is a complete suite of software products for end-to-end MRO management,” says Ron Brown, the

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