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Voice, text and multimedia

Innovative broadband communication system

Thales TeMax Broadband. Fully equipped to help you make the right decisions

Thales TeMax is a step forward in mobile radio communications; enabling broadband applications for mission critical users. The future of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) involves not only voice communication and text messaging, but also multimedia services such as data, images, video, live feeds, face recognition and database queries. Thales TeMax, an LTE broadband solution, is fully equipped to deliver all of these services with ease. It’s a complete end-to-end solution incorporating both the network infrastructure (base station eNodeB and core network EPC) and terminals.

Thales also recently unveiled its first broadband, rugged Push-To-Talk terminal: Every Talk. Based on TeMax solutions, and operating as an application booster for mobile terminals, EveryTalk adds broadband capabilities to existing Professional Mobile Radio networks.

New services are the name of the game. Over the past 10 years, PMR and LMR (Land Mobile Radio) systems used by public safety and law enforcement professionals all over the world have migrated to digital technologies, paving the way for rich media transmissions. EveryTalk and TeMax have the potential to completely transform the way broadband data such as real time videos, situation data, images and GPS-based solutions on a mobile device can be shared. Indeed, in an effort to better assess a field situation, design a response scenario and coordinate actions, mission critical users have an increasing need to exchange varied multimedia data streams on a dedicated, secured and resilient PMR network.

TeMax is an innovative LTEbroadband communication systemactingas an “application booster”over standardTETRAnetwork.

• TeMax is toPMRnetworkswhat 4Gis to consumerGSMnetworks. TeMax offersPMR communicationswith industry standardPTT (Push-To-Talk) features, interoperablewith TETRAnetworks, aswell as live video feeds of up to 2Mbits/s per user.

As a matter of fact, a number of major customers, such as the French rail system SNCF, South Africa’s King Shaka Airport in Durban, Jordan Armed Forces and Santo Domingo metro made the decision to invest in TETRA-based Thales PMR systems, with the aim of migrating to TeMax in due course.

Major PMR applications available with TeMax and EveryTalk:

• Real-time video

• On-demand access to critical databases from the field

• Face recognition • Augmented reality • Push-To-Talk (PMR services, fast call set-up Push-To-Video, Push-To-Data services) • Video recording and streaming on demand • Blue-Force Tracking.

• TeMax uses LTE(Long TermEvolution) base stations on a Thales IPdistributed architecture (EPC).Withmajor investments committed to these radio network technologies, TeMax userswill take benefits froma large eco- systemthat is set for long-termgrowth.

A smooth migration path

From the start, Thales made the choice of developing its TETRA PMR offer based on full IP technology. This deliberate choice allows customers to easily migrate towards TeMax as they are building on their existing core networks.

Thales TeMax and EveryTalk broadband applications are best in class and enable decision makers to reach decisions that deliver better outcomes.

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