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TETRA awards Oyu Tolgoi Gold-Copper Mine in Mongolia took this

prize ahead of Motorola. Representatives of the mine were unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony, which was understandable because the mine is located in the South Gobi region of Mongolia, about 80km north of the Chinese border. Oyu Tolgoi had picked TETRA for its ability to provide

the mine with eff ective, reliable and effi cient communications. T e TETRA system also provides essential safety enhancements for the mine’s workers, such as a GPS data service to determine the location of miners and equipment. T e judges were impressed with the use of TETRA in a

new sphere of operations in a remote region of the world. One remarked: “Wow! Bold use of voice and data to solve real communications problems in an exotic location.”

Best use of TETRA for Private Industry T e third award of the evening brought Phil Godfrey, chairman of the TCCA, to the stage to announce the winner. Four were nominated in this category and Phil opened the

envelope to reveal CLP Power Hong Kong as the winner. CLP Power is the fi rst utility to adopt an 800 MHz

TETRA solution. T e judges were impressed with the originality of the company, which had invented and designed a series of TETRA applications with creative approaches unique to its business, setting an example for the application of TETRA in power industries. One judge observed: “CLPP’s numerous home-grown

technical developments illustrate the opportunity for innovation and originality with TETRA.” Accepting the award on behalf of CLP Power were Francis

Fung and Chu Wing Yuen from CLP Power. Mr Chu commented: “Great! Really a recognition for all the eff orts we spent on our TETRA system.”

Best Use of TETRA for Public Safety sponsored by Motorola Tom Quirke of Motorola was invited to the stage to present the next award. He revealed that Airwave had been nominated twice, for both its Airwave network and its Insite product, a web-based management and reporting solution.

Also nominated was Shanghai 3G for its Shanghai Police

TETRA system – but the top award went to the Airwave Network. T is UK system is the world’s largest TETRA network,

spanning all but one per cent of the landmass of Great Britain and providing voice and data services to 300 000 users. During the past year, it handled major events such as a Royal Wedding and last year’s London riots and will be key to the massive security operation needed for this summer’s Olympic Games. “We are delighted to receive this award, which is the

ultimate recognition of our commitment to service excellence”, said chief executive Richard Bobbett. “Airwave is widely respected in the industry for its performance, products and services. T e network is in use every day by over 250 agencies, which include all of Great Britain’s emergency services and a range of public service organisations.” One judge summed up the network with the words: “T is

is TETRA.”

Best TETRA Innovation sponsored by Sepura T e next award gathered the most shortlisted entries on the night. Seven innovations made it to the fi nal and Gordon Watling, CEO of Sepura, was invited to the stage to announce the winner. APD Communications and Piciorgros both received high

commendations before the winner was revealed as Hong Kong Police, for its business-model based innovation. T e Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) is one of the

largest city forces in the world, on a par with the London Metropolitan Police Service and the New York Police Department. It handles over 6,000 emergency calls a day and manages to keep its pledge of a nine-minute response time. HKPF has utilised a public-private partnership to raise

signifi cant funds to drive police radio coverage into buildings. T e judges’ comments included: “Excellent example of innovative fi nancing to ensure the HKPF stays on top of its game.” Jolly Wong, chief police telecommunications engineer at

the HKPF, came forward to accept the prize. He was also a member of the judging panel but it was stressed he had not been involved in the judging of this category.

Issue 7 2012 TE TRA TODAY

Left: host for the evening was Peter Goulding, formerly a senior offi cer in London’s Metropolitan Police Service. Heading the unit responsible for the maintenance and delivery of the force’s command and control

systems, he was closely involved with its preparations for the introduction of TETRA radio communications


The evening’s presentations at the Savoy Hotel, London, were preceded by a celebratory dinner

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