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Parcel package for SME drivers


High-gain radio link antenna


iMOMax, whose multi-path radio technology provides a means of implementing high-throughput voice and data links

in narrowband radio channels, has introduced an advanced antenna suitable for paths over challenging terrains and longer distances. This high-gain, multiple-element loop yagi antenna typically

provides an additional 6 dB of path gain over the company’s standard 10 dBi loop yagi designs. With a tighter beam width and a typical gain exceeding 14 dBi, the antenna is economical, compact and rugged, and is compatible with all MiMOMax radios. In addition, it is very light in weight, requiring only a single point of fi xture to the pole. Because of its compact design, the MiMOMax high-gain antenna

performs well in windy environments without generally requiring supporting struts or cables, and so it requires a minimum of space on poles and towers. Like all MiMOMax antennas, it is both vertically and horizontally

polarized and it radiates in MiMOMax’s bi-quadrature diversity format. This diversity makes for increased signal quality and path resilience.

Antenna combiner N

ew from Procom is a compact hybrid combining

system for VHF or UHF radio antenna systems. T e HDAR-2 system is

integrated in a single 19-inch tray which houses a two-channel hybrid transmit combiner, receive multicoupler (12V DC), preselec- tor and duplex fi lter. Rack space required is only 3HU.

Four models cover the bands 136–156, 152–175, 340–400 and 406–470 MHz respectively.

The HDAR hybrid combining system. Procom points out that it is compatible with 6·25 kHz digital radio technologies


parcel-tracking tool designed to provide enhanced visibility and control for SME couriers and carriers has been introduced by Skillweb. SmartTask Mobile Delivery, says the company, will

provide an aff ordable, easily confi gurable, hosted solution that possesses the software and mobile computing capabilities only previously available to large-scale mail, parcel and supply chain operations. Using the same technology as Skillweb’s Houndit Enterprise product, it off ers all the tools required to plan, track, trace and report for each item or parcel within an operator’s supply chain. T is enables items to be tracked from assigning a courier or delivery operative’s workload to fi nal signature capture. An interface enables customers to access status information about their order. “We have used our experience working with leading post and parcel organisations such as Postea, Singapore Post and Jersey Post to create a solution that is easy to use and manage for SME couriers and carriers to help track deliveries”, said Paul Ridden, managing director of Skillweb. “By taking advantage of our proven mobile computing platform, we can help these organi- zations to achieve signifi cant business and operational benefi ts such as reduced costs, increased productiv- ity, enhanced customer service and better informed decision-making.”

SmartTask Mobile Delivery, a hosted tracking service for delivery operators

Single transmit isolators are fi tted as standard (dual isolators are available as an option), while on the receive side two ports are fi tted as standard (or four ports as an option). Procom’s UK distributor

adjusted its name this month to Procom UK Systems Ltd. T e company explains that the change will better refl ect its products to customers and to suppliers.

Channel-agile RF module skips away from noise


ith the ability to change channels automatically if interference is detected, a new wireless module from Digi International

promises ‘best-in-class’ network performance in noisy environments. The XBee 868LP is described as Europe’s fi rst multi-channel 868 MHz

wireless module with Listen Before Talk (LBT) and Adaptive Frequency Agility (AFA) technology. Based on a transceiver from Analog Devices, it is aimed at energy management, sensor deployments and other wireless networking applications. “When numerous 868 MHz devices are running simultaneously,

increased risk of radio interference exists”, said Larry Kraft, of Digi International. “With the XBee 868LP, you don’t have to wait for someone to change channels when interference is detected. The XBee 868LP automatically fi nds the best channel to improve network performance.” The module can select from 30 channels for interference immunity and it can

communicate over up to 4km with a line of sight. It draws less than 2µA in sleep mode.

LAND mobile March 2012

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