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Contents I March 2012 Volume 19 Number 3

n some respects, private business

radio is a victim of its own virtues.

A PMR system is all under your control and it can last you for 15 years of more – but this very longevity makes it less adaptable to today’s rapid pace of technology change. As we heard at this month’s Land Mobile round-table discussion on DMR trunking (page 14), there’s plenty of bandwidth for new trunking systems in the VHF business radio bands – yet radio manufacturers may be slow to support these bands unless they’re available in many countries. And, as we’ve seen with Tetra, international harmonization on that scale can take a long time. Richard Lambley, Editor

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Introducing DMR Tier III Mobile radio experts examine the new force in digital trunking News

LTE services are coming to the UK this year, through plans by a major operator to refarm one of its bands and a rollout in London of an LTE-TDD service, the fi rst of its kind; plus more about Ofcom’s spectrum plans for the Olympic Games, a new wave of Bluetooth devices with low-energy technology, and research which fi nds that MIMO radio can do the seemingly impossible below decks in a car ferry

Switching on

A new PMR voice and data system for a major city transport operator; streaming audio wirelessly to the latest in hearing aids, and discreet person- to-person communication on the shop fl oor 8


A large Devon-based bus operator switches to DMR for fl eet communications; a popular dispatcher application makes a connection to Nexedge radio; and a large ambulance service is the fi rst to take advantage of a convenient Tetra pager now available through Airwave 10

Rise of the smart token

The world of contactless payment is shifting, says John Elliott – and it is shifting away from the familiar contactless card technologies designed back in the 1990s

LAND mobile March 2012 12 A ‘hetnet’ approach to 4G

Clive Tomlinson argues that universal 4G coverage is not affordable for the UK, especially if funding is going to be swallowed up in an auction. A ‘hetnet’ approach, he believes, could avoid much needless expense

Mobile in Barcelona 4

Reports from last month’s Mobile World Congress, including a glance at a few of the 42 newest smartphones; a wave of waterproofi ng technologies to guard against the commonest of mobile mishaps; touch sensations for the next generation of mobile screens, and the world’s smallest personal computer


A compact PMR handportable with an IP67 environmental rating and a special lone-worker feature; high-performance hardware for links and radio sites; a hosted tracking service for delivery fi rms, and an agile RF module

People Looking at... user interfaces

Alvin Wong looks forward to the advanced UI technologies of the future, which will guess our intentions and emotional state, enabling us to interact with them more intuitively

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