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24 – 26 April 2012 Hannover / Germany

des Verpa¬ckungsprozesses trotz vieler Varianten auch bei Kleinstserienauflagen; attraktives Design und Komfort der Ver¬packungsbeutel schafft Kundennutzen und Platzersparnis in der Warenprä¬sentation; das alles schafft Wettbewerbsvorteile am „Point of Sale“ und noch dazu Kos¬tenvorteile gegenüber teureren Blister¬lösungen. Der Kunde kann je nach Anwendung die Verpackung aus einem Baukastensystem verschiede¬ner Produktfamilien gestalten: Decoline- Beutel haben eine spezialverstärkte Kopfleiste mit Eurolochung für hängende, dekorative und hochwertige Verkaufsverpackungen. Functionline-Beutel eignen sich vor allem für funktionsgerechte Serviceverpackungen und Zipline- Beutel sind wiederverschließbar. Der Verpackungsproyess erfolgt in vier Schritten wobei mit diesem System die unglaubliche Formatvielfalt von 50 × 50 mm bis 400 mm × 800 mm mit einem umfassenden Materialspektrum aus Mono- und Verbundfolien verarbeitet werden können. Das mittelständische Unternehmen STRUBL KG bürgt mit seiner mehr als 60 jährigen Branchenerfahrung für Kompetenz, Qualität, Flexibilität und Kontinuität.

Tecfi S.p.A., IT – Hall 21, Stand L04

ETA CE certified concrete screws and anchors, HANDYPLUG® frame multi- purpose anchor, certified screws and accessories for solar systems and certified chipboard screws. Visit TECFI booth at the Fastner Fair Hannover and learn more about the Italian company, which is specialised in design, production and distribution of fixing systems.

Tachart Ltd (Bolt and Nut Manufacturing), UK – Hall 21, H59

Sumeeko Industries Co., Ltd., TAW – Hall 21, Stand K31

SUMEEKO Industries provides a broad product range as followed: Standard Fasteners: flange bolt (all series), flange nut (all series) and other standard fasteners. A price list can therefore be offered for your reference while no tooling chargers are required. Non- Standard Fasteners: bolt/ screw, nut, SEMS and special fasteners. They have the advantage to be strong and flexible in the production while our engineer team will be your reliable partner. Custom- made parts: roller, tube/sleeve, rubber injection tube (tier-1 of Toyota). For these parts, we offer you the advantage to be an existing certified and experienced manufacturer and supplier for globally famous car manufacturers (GM/ Chrysler/Toyota etc/). Sumeeko owns the following certificates: TS-16949 / TS-17025 / ISO-14001. The client portfolio includes GM (Tier-1), Chrysler (Tier-1), Toyota (Tier-2) and Tesla (Tier-2).

Nuclear: BNM has manufactured qualified fasteners for Nuclear Power since the nineties. Since then we have machined components for Nuclear plants from USA to China. BNM offers full material traceability and qualification via it’s Nuclear endorsed quality management system. No other specialist qualified fastener manufacturer can match the same level of quality and rapid delivery for this critical industry. In the coming years, the UK will once again be awash with engineering activity for the UK Nuclear new build program. It is hoped that Rotherham, our home town will become the centre of engineering technology, innovation and productivity for this sector. In response, BNM already has plans to increase it’s production capacity by a further 50% to meet the increased demand expected for this sector in the decade ahead. F1: In 2011, we excitedly received contracts from an engineering sector synonymous for close tolerances, high performance alloys and a high level of cleanliness and critical assessment. Our expertise in motor-sport and our knowledge of machining exotic materials had caught the eye of two of the highest ranking F1 teams who approached us at the start of the 2011 season for various parts. The production of components for this sector relies on highly precise machining, product reliability and elimination of product variation. We were overjoyed to fulfil the very specific requirements and challenging deadline which was almost as nail biting as the race that followed. We were overjoyed to see our hard work paid off with a victory on race day.

ETA-CE zugelassene Schrauben und Stahlanker, HANDYPLUG® Nylondübel, zugelassene Schrauben und Zubehör für Photovoltaikanlage, zugelassene Spanplattenschrauben. Besuchen Sie TECFI auf der Fastener Fair Hannover und erfahren Sie mehr über die italienische Firma, die in Design, Produktion und Vertrieb von Befestigungssysteme spezialisiert ist. 35

Tension Control Bolts Ltd, UK – Hall 21, Stand J67

TCBs are replacing conventional high strength friction grip and pre-loaded bolts throughout the steel construction industry simply because they are quick and easy to install. Guaranteed tension together with visual inspection removes the likelihood of operator error and assures engineers that connections are tightened in accordance with European specifications. They are used extensively by the UK rail industry for new bridges, re- strengthening of existing bridges and rivet replacement. The UK highways agency also specifies TCBs for their bridges and gantries. Tension Control Bolts Ltd has its own metal coating plant producing an environmentally friendly process called Greenkote® which is comparable to galvanising, although it is harder wearing and readily accepts all paint systems without the need for acid etching. As the largest manufacturer, designer and distributors of TCB’s in Europe, TCB are able to offer ex-stock delivery of both its

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