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THAILAND: Luxury Villas

This column will appear every month here, in the hard copy edition of OPP magazine, as well as on our website. We will also be putting all of the deals into a monthly OPP Deal Zone newsletter. If you have a project that you would like to see included in a future OPP Deal Zone contact our commer- cial director Andy Grimley to- day on +44(0)20 8734 3972 or email Andy at: andy.grimley@ Fill in details for points one to four, make sure the value is at least US $10 million .... and we will do the rest.

Deals to note this month include: 1. Project: Motor Hotel located in a Canadian national park. Five-acre site with additional off -site staff living quarters, plus extra land for future building. Seeking buyer for outright purchase. Original owner. Value: $15 million Cdn Dollars. Con- tact: If you would like more details on this project, please email andy. and quote Reference Number 0007.

2. Project: Lac de Saut de Loup - a 62-hectare development site in south-west France, 30 minutes’ drive from Bergerac airport and 60 mins drive from Bordeaux. Freehold plot encloses a lake of 12 hectares. Adjoining the land are several com- munal sports facilities including soccer, tennis, multi-sports hall, & restaurant. Planning permission has been granted to create up to 8 vil- lages of bungalows or park homes. Access roads, mains drainage, water, already in situ. Value: €7.5 million / US $10 million. Contact: If you would like more details on this project, please email andy.grim- and quote Reference Number 0008.

1. Project description: Owned by the Capstone Management Group, Azaya Villas is aiming to be Chiang Mai’s premier luxury residential development resort. It offers pool villas for sale and short-term stays. Additional amenities such as a gym, in-villa dining and a spa are on offer with a full-service management package. Azaya is offering six plots with completed infrastructure which are built upon the total land area of 8,386 square miles, surrounded by waterfalls, nature reserves and golf courses.

2. Location: Thailand. District of Mae Rim. 25 minutes’ drive from the airport and Chiang Mai’s city centre. 3. Type of deal being sought: Azaya is seeking investors and outright buyers. 4. Value: US $ 10 million (or US $1,192 per square mile).

5. Contact: If you would like more details on this project, please email us at: and quote Reference Number 0009.

BRAZIL: Residential development

1. Project description: Ilumina Management Consulting is seeking a JV partner to fund the development of a €21.15 million site of 14,240m2. The site is situated in one of Savaldor’s fastest growing residential areas. The project is to develop 150 apart- ments, including 41 apartments and 25 penthouses.

2. Location: Lauro de Feitas suburb, Savaldor, Brazil. 3. Type of deal being sought: Ilumina is seeking a JV partner with a minimum initial cash investment of €3.6 million at project start. 4. Value: The project has a potential Gross Development Value (GDV) of approximately €21.15 million.

5. Contact: If you would like more details on this project, please email us at: and quote Reference Number 0010. |MARCH 2012

Welcome to the new OPP Deal Zone, the place where overseas property professionals from around the world come together to present large-scale investment opportunities to our global readership audience of more than 110,000 developers and agents. We want to help you fi nd that next great deal.

CENTRAL AMERICA: hotel and villas

1. Project description: International research and education project, to be built on a 155km-squared parcel on the Caribbean Coast in Central America. The project is part of a larger scheme that will feature resort, residential and agricultural components. Our preliminary concept is to build a “Marine Science” research centre. A resort parcel within the overall development has already been sold, though several parcels of varied-use remain available.

2. Location: Caribbean Coast, Central America.

3. Type of deal being sought: We are seeking equity partner, JV partner, buyer for parcels of select components, or charitable donor (or a combination thereof ). Title is free and clear on available parcels. 4. Value: Up to US $25 million.

5. Contact: If you would like more details on this project, please email us at: and quote Reference Number 00011.

INDIA: Hotels/Resorts

1. Project description: Various hotels/resorts and beach front properties across Goa, India are available for sale. All located on the beach-front in North Goa, our hotels/resorts projects include 4 fully operational resorts of 19 to 65 rooms, a non-operational 98 room four-star resort, and a fully operational club. We are also offering a fully operational 5,000 square feet casino with a 52 room five-star resort in the capital city of Goa, while currently developing a number of three- to five-star resort projects in North Goa, beach front properties project in South Goa and a few residential projects.

2. Location: Goa, India. 3. Type of deal being sought: We are seeking JV partners and outright buyers. 4. Value: At least US $10 million in total. Negotiable.

5. Contact: If you would like more details on these projects, please email us at: and quote Reference Number 0012.

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