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Silver: OSK Property Holdings Berhad

What did OSK Property Holdings Berhad say in its entry form? “OSKP aims to deliver what matters most to people - liveable spaces within stunning architecturally and artistically-designed landscapes. It all comes down to our land plots and constantly asking ourselves the question: “How do we make something special here?” We are optimistic about the future, not only because of our high-quality and sustainable developments, but also because of our attractive fi nancial packages, innovative marketing strategies, strong branding campaigns and strategically located land banks. Value for Money: We invest in strategic locations picked to give us a good return. Our projects are located in strategic growth corridors including Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle: the cities of Cyberjaya, Selangor and Seremban. For example, our signature project, Mirage by the Lake, is located in Cyberjaya, a city of the new millennium. Strategically situated at the core of Malaysia’s ‘Multimedia Super Corridor’ (MSC), it shares its address with more than 500 multinational organisations, international universities and schools. We are building in a truly well-connected cybercity, and Mirage by the Lake benefi ts from existing high-speed digital networks, effective transport systems and major highways. Furthermore, we understand that architectural design is one of the most important considerations when someone buys an investment property. We are committed to using craftsmanship and quality materials, married to the latest technologies. Mirage by the Lake explores a new residential landscape in Malaysia through its distinctive circular planning and fan-shaped subdivisions … it is the fi rst scheme of its kind in Malaysia. We also know that amenities are important to property investors. Therefore, all our projects including Mirage by the Lake, are completed with state-of-the-art amenities like clubhouses, sky gyms, sky gardens, recreational pools, salt-water swimming


What does OSK Property Holdings Berhad do?

Established in 1997, OSK Property Holdings Berhad is a property developer focused on creating value for its customers and shareholders. Over the years, the group has accumulated land banks in strategic locations and its property portfolio encompasses high quality residential, commercial and township projects. OSK Property has 120 staff and our employees not only possess excellent educational backgrounds, they also have practical knowledge and skills – experience that is valuable in our attempt to ensure a sustainable, expanding and efficient organisation. OSKP aims to roll out bigger, more innovative and more sustainable projects across the world.

pools, broadband connectivity and 24- hour security, to enable the ultimate balanced and luxury lifestyle. Sellability and Capital Appreciation:

We have pre-sold between 75% and 80% of the units in every block launched at Mirage by the Lake. The scheme is moving from strength to strength. At a different project, Sutera Damanasara, the phases are selling fast and prices have appreciated by approximately 71% since it was launched in 2008. Financial Packaging: To make it

“Vertical green walls are used in the development to shield homes from noise”

easier for today’s buyer to acquire one of our properties, we are offering a DIBS (Developer Interest Bearing Scheme) which allows the purchaser more time to save money while the property is still under construction. After a 10% deposit, buyers only need to start paying their loan off properly when construction is complete. We are also rewarding purchasers with a grant of up to RM135,000 via a 318 Ownership Scheme. Here, there is only a 3% down payment required prior to completion, with 0% interest during the full construction period and the 18 months maintenance fee absorbed. Responsible Marketing: We have

fi ve defi ned principles that guide our communications: 1.Avoidance of concealment. No misrepresentation of materials or facts, no false or misleading advertising. 2.Avoidance of sales promotions that use deception or manipulations. 3.Not manipulating the availability of a product for the purpose of

exploitation. 4.Privacy: All information collected from customers is confidential. All confidential customer data is safeguarded against unauthorised access. 5. We treat external clients and suppliers fairly.

Commitment to Good Customer

Service: We ensure that our employees have the necessary resources and customer service skills to effi ciently attend to our customers’ needs. At the same time, we are implementing a ‘Balanced Scorecard’ to measure and improve our customer service levels. Winning customer loyalty requires continuous effort and we analyse data and then transform that data into actionable strategies that target our different customer profi les. We monitor behaviour changes. The time response to enquiries is critical to positive customer experience as well, and our customer communications are available via mail, email, SMS, and the |MARCH 2012

web. On top of that, to meet the demand of businesses in a saturated market place, and to improve workplace performance, the group provides customer service programmes designed to meet the needs of every different staff position in the company. Environmental Impact: Our aim is to construct sustainable buildings while maintaining our long-term profi tability and enhancing the group’s reputation. Many factors such as ecology, green features, green architecture, space- usage and sustainable materials are taken into consideration when planning, designing and constructing our properties. We get the developments assessed by Malaysia’s Green Building Index as well as the Building Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark scheme. Our Mirage by the Lake development

at Cyberjaya is nestled in a unique wetlands ecosystem, where careful preservation of the natural surrounding environment has been married carefully to the built environment. Vertical green walls are used in the development to shield homes from noise, heat and pollution, and to absorb carbon dioxide. We are moving from chlorine pools to salt water pools - a technology that can provide an eco-friendly way to keep pool water continuously sanitized and healthy. Other environment-friendly features

such as rain water harvesting, lush foliages, live meandering streams and sky gardens are all designed to enhance the surrounding environment and provide a high quality life-style for the people who live at Mirage by the Lake.”

Green focus | Sustainability is of high importance to OSK Property Holdings

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