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The Rutland Railway shut down in 1961, ending an era in New England railroading. Three years later the railroad was revived by the state of Vermont and began operation as two different companies. Author

Rutland’s successors — the Vermont Railway and Green Mountain Railroad — with a tour of the lines between Burlington, Vermont, and North Walpole, New Hampshire, as well as numerous black & white photos illustrating rolling stock and structures of both. Steam is repesented through a look at Steamtown’s tenure on the Green Mountain in Bellows Falls, and oddball diesels are presented on the CLarendon & Pittsford, which connected with the Vermont at Rutland. Locomotive and rolling stock rosters are included, as well as a map.

(C00054) $12.95 + s&h or on-line at:

Carstens Publications, Inc. To Order Call: 1-888-526-5365

(M-F; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. e.s.t.) Philip R. Jordan looks at the

the Warwick Valley Dispatch arrived, and Boyd explained to her what was going on. Soon, the L&HR crew was heard on the ra- dio getting ready to depart the yard. Mo- howski raised them on the radio and had them stop about a half-mile from Baird’s so everyone could get ready.

Link made all his last-minute checks, everything looking good. He backed the shutter speed down from ¹⁄₂₀₀ to ¹⁄₁₀₀ for extra insurance against the cold. Vericolor film was loaded into the two 4×5s set up for hor- izontals at f9.5, and Ektachrome was in the vertical for the cover format. Everything was ready! Mohowski called engineer Jim Rader on the radio and gave him the high- ball. In Boyd’s words, “L&HR freight NE-3 with C420s 24 and 23 and five freight cars erupted into the scene. The Alcos rapped out a beautiful plume of smoke as Rader worked them against the train brakes. FLASH! Everything worked!”

As previously arranged, the train stopped just clear of the crossing, and backed up for one more attempt. Bulbs were changed out, and Link reloaded his camera with Tri-X. This time, he would do the shot with open flash instead of using the camera synchro- nization. Mohowski called the L&HR crew and have them ease through the scene at five m.p.h. Once more, Link lit up the scene, and Mohowski radioed, “Highball, NE-3, and thank you very much, gentlemen.” As complex as the set-up was, it only took about two hours to break down and pack up all the equipment. By some stroke of good fortune, the crew found an Italian restau- rant open in Warwick at 10:30 p.m., and en- joyed a hearty pasta dinner and a bottle of


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THE LAYOUT by J. David Robbins. A thoughtful and humor- ous new novel about a railfan and the nature of fantasy. Avail- able from major on-line booksellers. 211

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Original Railroad DVD’s. Steam and diesel. 1980’s to present. Previews and buy online. clearproductions 313



wine to celebrate their efforts.

This would be Link’s last large-scale syn- chronized night photo session until a British production crew came to America in 1990 to document his work. That year, Link headed up to the Rome Locomotive Works in Rome, N.Y., to do “one last” shot of his Canadian Pacific 4-6-0 for the documentary Trains That Passed in the Night (see January 1991 MARKERS). —O.M.V.

A Cure For the Summertime Blues This is going to be one interesting summer here in the eastern U.S. The Norfolk South- ern heritage locomotive program is going to revitalize locations that have been shot to death, make every approaching train a pos- sible great catch and turn all of us into train spotters as we attempt to photographically fill in our list of new paint schemes. There is no doubt that heritage units have

made railfanning fun. As I write this, I am preparing to leave for Winterail in Califor- nia, where I hope to snag two of the Amtrak heritage units on the Reno Fun Train on the Sunday after the show. I have photographed Phase I heritage unit No. 156 everywhere from Seattle to Rock Island to Bryn Mawr over the past year, but I haven’t been as for- tunate with the others (the price we pay for living in Amtrak’s electrified territory). Meanwhile, for several years now our counterparts in the western U.S. have been blessed with the Union Pacific heritage fleet. I am probably the only railfan in the country that doesn’t have an action shot of at least one of them. I have seen SD70ACe’s No. 1982 (Missouri Pacific) and 1983 (West- ern Pacific) in unshootable locations, and


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412 STEAM LOCOMOTIVES 807JE America’s Premier Railroad-

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Cass WV, the CALS way or ‘Railroad weekend in the Al- leghenies’. Double headed shays, shay race. Join us this May 4th, 5th and 6th 2012 for our 34 Year of a full weekend of Steam Logging railroading. We use all available authentic log- ging cars for best photo opportunities. Lots of run-bys. We en- sure clean photo lines with limited ridership (so register early). We run a relaxed railfan weekend like no other on the Cass line. A whole weekend of ‘Shay’ railroading for one low price. See our web site for information (www.cals-at- or send a note to Poul Pedersen, 6552 Orland St., Falls Church, VA 22043. Email: calsatcass@ya- A fundraiser for Chesapeake and Allegheny Live Steamers (CALS).

512 1012 512

CALL TO ACTION! Thousands of railcars including both new and historic fallen flags have been vandalized with graffiti over the past decade. Help stop this crime! Report any suspicious trespassing/vandalizing to the railroad or local police. NS 800- 453-2530, CSX 800-232-0144, UP 888-877-7267, BNSF 800- 832-5452, CN 800-465-9239, CP 800-716-9132, KCS 877- 527-9464.


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