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Jenoptik begins 10 million euro production expansion

Building expansion work worth 10 million euros is soon to be underway at Jenoptik’s Berlin- Adlershof site to double its semiconductor manufacturing capacity.

Using the latest

manufacturing technology, gallium-arsenide wafers (GaAs) will be structured and processed to create high-power laser bars at the expanded facility. The expanded building, to be completed in 2013, will see its floor area increase from 2,000m2

to 3,400m2 .

Sofradir awarded its biggest contract ever with satellite win

, with the

production area expanded to 930m2

The clean room facilities will be Class 100 and Class 1,000 depending on the process equipments’ needs. The complete process line from epitaxy, wafer processing and facet coating through to the manufacture of GaAs components will be installed in the clean rooms. Jenoptik chairman Dr Michael Mertin said: ‘Germany is, and remains, a location for high-tech manufacturing even though we in the Jenoptik group are currently pushing forward the process of internationalisation in Asia and North America.’

The financing of the building will be provided by the Hoesch Dortmund pension fund, while the clean rooms and production equipment will be paid for by Jenoptik.


Infrared detector manufacturer Sofradir has announced that it has been awarded a contract worth tens of millions of euros to provide sensors for Europe’s new generation of meteorological satellites.

Sofradir will supply infrared (IR) detectors for the engineering and flight models of the European Space Agency’s six satellites planned for its Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) meteorological constellation. Under the five-year MTG contract Sofradir will deliver to Thales Alenia Space France the custom designed IR detectors. Thales Alenia Space France is the prime contractor for MTG. Sofradir chairman and chief executive officer


‘ This is Sofradir’s third major space contract win this year and the largest contract win in Sofradir’s history.’ Philippe Bensussan

Philippe Bensussan said: ‘This is Sofradir’s third major space contract win this year and the largest contract win in Sofradir’s history. This is a significant achievement on top of the record 26 flight model infrared detectors we delivered for space missions in 2010.’

The IR detectors will be integrated into two payloads. They are: the flexible combined imager that will take IR images of clouds and the infrared sounder that will analyse the chemical composition of

the atmosphere. They will operate at wavelengths that extend from short wave infrared to very long wave infrared, in order to better identify and measure various types of clouds and chemical elements.

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