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Lasers and diodes

Biophotonics and terahertz technology get their own lasers

Toptica Photonics has introduced the FemtoFiber smart family of fibre lasers, which are dedicated to applications ranging from biophotonics to terahertz generation and two- photon polymerisation.

Based on polarisation-maintaining fibres and saturable absorber (SAM) modelocking technology, the new FemtoFiber smart family transfers the FemtoFiber pro concept into more compact systems, designed for specific ultrafast applications. The FemtoFiber smart family product line are compact ultrafast lasers,

measuring 122 x 202 x 69mm, which includes all optics and control electronics in a single package. All models with wavelengths above 1000nm have fibre-coupled outputs and offer either FC/APC receptacles or fibre pigtails as standard.

The family includes the FemtoFErb 780nm (<230fs, >50mW); PicoFYb 1030/1064nm (<10ps pulse duration, >10mW average); FemtoFYb 1030nm (<800fs, >0.5mW); FemtoFErb 1560nm (<100fs, >100mW, 20cm fibre pigtail); and FemtoFErb FD6 1560nm (<120fs, >100mW).

Pyroelectric Detectors single & multi-colour

Lithium tantalate Spectral range 2 ... 25 µm Extensive Detector Range

Single-channel Multi-channel

Multi-element detector Built-in Fabry-Pérot filter


Optical, mechanical and electronic support

‘No tools required’ for diode laser

Laser diode module manufacturer ProPhotonix has announced the launch of its InViso Micro, an extension to its InViso laser diode module product line. InViso combines a flat form factor with a ‘no tools required’ external focus to produce an extremely uniform laser line. Its unique form factor provides instant alignment and expedites integration while ensuring a high-degree of

660nm DPSS laser delivers diode laser power

Laser Quantum has launched the Lux laser that delivers up to 1W of 660nm laser power in a compact head design. This high power is achieved with the high beam quality and long lifetimes expected from a diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) laser. With an M2

per cent and power stability of one per cent, the Lux offers all the advantages of a DPSS laser and now the power available from diode lasers.

repeatability. InViso Micro incorporates all the existing InViso features, while delivering fine line widths down to 16µm at a working distance of 120mm. Both InViso models are available in a range

of wavelengths and power levels up to 100mW. InViso and InViso Micro were designed and developed at the company’s research and development center in Cork, Ireland.

Full simulation capability of detector performance

Full traceability by 100% serialisation

InfraTec GmbH Dresden - GERMANY

of less than 1.2, RMS noise levels of 0.6

InfraTec Infrared Ltd. Chesterfield - UK

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