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The latest news from the world of photonics Profile – Lasermet

Warren Clark finds out what Lasermet plans for its future

Applications Applications News

The latest applications of photonics from around the world Feature: Cosmetics

Nadya Anscombe looks at the home-use laser market for hair removal or wrinkle reduction

Technology News from EOS

An update from the European Optical Society Feature: Optics

Feature: Safety

Rob Coppinger looks at how safety is stepping up to the challenge of the ever wider use of Class 4 lasers

Product Focus: Spectrometers

Rob Coppinger rounds up the latest spectrometer products Products

The latest photonics products from around the world Suppliers’ Directory

Find the photonics suppliers you need Technology Focus

Rob Coppinger speaks to the UK government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory about its anti-laser dazzling filter that can help defend against laser attack and be used to improve imaging

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Greg Blackman talks to a scientist building highly cost-effective microscopes from stock optical components

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Beautified with light

As this issue goes to print Photonics West is underway and the Moscone Center in San Francisco will be buzzing with activity as the photonics industry continues its recovery. The financial results from last year show record revenues and this issue’s reports of dramatic profit increases and acquisitions demonstrate that the laser industry is shining brightly. With the Electro Optics team in California this month it is perhaps appropriate that this issue sees a feature on cosmetics. With home-use lasers for wrinkle reduction selling now for about $800 they are products more likely to be found in Beverly Hills. But Nadya Anscombe has discovered that there are more products in the pipeline and the prices are set to fall. Getting the price down is also the goal of scientists in Peru in Greg Blackman’s examination of optics and microscopy. Inverted microscopes used to diagnose TB can cost $8,000, unaffordable by the Peruvian government. In Greg’s feature you can find out how the research team is building microscopes for as little as $400 for TB diagnosis. Our third and final feature is about safety for

the likes of Class 4 laser systems. With power equalling productivity, more powerful lasers are becoming more widely used and so safety technology has got to advance to ensure it is sufficient for the job. From goggles to laser enclosures the industry isn’t taking chances. Whether or not we get a chance to meet in

person at Photonics West, be sure to check the Electro Optics website for the latest show news and subscribe to our email newsletters, EONewsline and EOProductline to get all the stories from San Francisco neatly packaged. As always, I can be contacted through my email or you can phone me on +44 1223 211185.

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