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Laser Systems

Modular approach offers all-in-one system

Rofin’s new Modular Processing System (MPS) is a medium-sized, multi-purpose workstation for a wide range of automated laser material processing applications.

Designed as an all-in-one system, the MPS integrates laser sources, motion modules and control units within a single compact housing. This flexible and modular concept allows the system to be configured for welding, cutting, drilling and structuring applications. Four different motion systems are available ranging from the basic module, with a single z axis, up to a high-precision granite setup featuring a cross table with linear servo driven axes. Each solution can be combined with either fixed optics or galvo scanners.

The MPS also allows integration of a wide choice of Rofin laser sources comprised of femto, fibre, pulsed solid state and diode lasers. Laser control software is accessible via the integral 17-inch colour MPS touch screen. The spacious working chamber, accessed via a large pneumatically operated door,

Coherent cuts down metal costs

Coherent has introduced the Metabeam 1000, a turnkey, laser-based machining tool that enables cost effective cutting of sheet metal including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and brass.

The Metabeam 1000 uses a 1000W CO2

laser, Coherent’s Diamond E-1000, which is the world’s only completely sealed-off kilowatt CO2

2500W, an M2

laser that has a peak power greater than less than 1.2, and is completely

maintenance-free for its entire lifetime. The Metabeam tool offers substantially lower acquisition and operational costs when compared to legacy systems based on fast flow CO2


offers enough room for large work-pieces and clamping units etc. At the heart of this highly flexible system is a high performance CNC, PLC controller.

PicoQuant Life Sciences


Fluorescence Lifetime Systems and Components

The long wavelength infrared CO2


output and added power enables the system to cut a wide range of metals as well as organic materials such as wood and plastic. The Metabeam 1000 is available with either a 50 x 50-inch (1.27m x 1.27m) or 50 x 100- inch (1.27m x 2.54m) cutting table, and offers a cutting accuracy of ±0.001 inches (25μm) over its entire range.

The system is a full feature machine tool that includes a capacitive height sensor to maintain constant spacing between the cutting nozzle and metal surface, and comes standard with auto focus to deliver consistent clean cuts.

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Spectrometers Microscopes

FLIM & FCS Upgrade for LSMs Picosecond pulsed diode lasers Multichannel ps event timers Modules for TCSPC

Single photon sensitive detectors Software

LEDs provided with accurate computer-based simulation

Photonics design automation software specialist RSoft Design Group has announced the release of its new LED utility. RSoft’s LED utility can shorten processing time and save development cost by providing accurate computer-based simulation and design optimisation. The LED utility accurately simulates novel LED structures and all the materials involved. LEDs are widely used in a range of applications and there is increasing demand for optimised structures with higher extraction

efficiency and improved colour uniformity. The complexities of LED optical design arise from various factors including: multiple interfaces with widely differing sizes, the use of novel materials and structures, dispersion, surface roughness, the use of gratings to enhance extraction efficiency, and the incoherent nature of the output light. The LED Utility accounts for all these situations and performs all necessary pre- and post-processing to generate the desired results including extraction ratio and radiation patterns.

FLIM • FRET • FCS • Single molecule spectroscopy • Protein dynamics • Anisotropy • Binding • ...

Leading in Single Photon Counting Applications

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