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Pico laser gets smaller for 3D imaging

The Flexpoint MVpico series is Laser Components smallest line laser that is used in industrial image processing.

Due to its small dimensions of just 53mm in length and 10mm in diameter, the lasers are optimally suited for integration in 3D image processing sensors. The MVpico is available at four wavelengths, 635nm, 650nm, 660nm, and 785nm. The maximum output power is 100mW.

Welding gets boost with kilowatt power range

Jenoptik has introduced its high beam quality laser source within the kilowatt power range, the JenLas fibre CW 1000.

The fibre laser features high power stability and a long service life of the beam source. Compared to other beam sources such as CO2 lasers, fibre lasers are more energy-efficient and thus more cost-effective. The OEM laser

Novel crystalline silicon is focus of next generation laser

Photonics Industries International has extended its Nd:YVO4

based DSH Series laser to include

50W of green and 30W of UV average power in a diode-pumped solid state laser. Now available from UK distributor Laser Lines these efficient, high power lasers are for novel next generation crystalline silicon or thin film

based solar cell processing; glass cutting; thin or low K wafers and LED substrates scribing and dicing; via hole drilling; flex circuit cutting;

Lasermet_Safety_Ad_2_213x85mm.qx8_(v) 17/01/2012 11:45 Page 1 Keeping an eye on laser safety Roller Blinds

All Lasermet laser-blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds are made from Lasermet’s specially developed range of laser blocking materials and are CE marked and certified to EN 60825-4 (Safety of Laser Products Part 4:Laser Guards)


Active (Laser Jailer) and Passive Laser Safety Enclosures


Advanced, networked, laser safety interlock control systems

and more...

Tel: +44 (0)1202 770740 Laser safety eyewear, power meters, optical table laser guard, laser product testing, training and consultancy

For Laser Safety think

LED Signs High quality, high performance, dual message

Flexpoint requires a supply voltage

source is offered in a compact 19-inch housing, including the corresponding operating software. Operational safety is ensured by a safety lock made of certified components. The laser comes with several user interfaces such as RS232, EtherCAT and USB port. In addition, a parallel customer-specific interface can be used. Some of the possible applications are industrial processing such as metal cutting and welding.

between 4.5 and 30V DC for operation. Optionally, the power can also be adjusted using a control wire. The laser modules can be triggered using a second control wire. The line generated is focused without having to remove the line optic and, furthermore, the power distribution is homogeneous along the line.

ITO patterning/FPD processing; and other novel micromachining applications. Photonics Industries International has added

several new models to its DSH Series intracavity harmonic lasers. All these new high power DSH Series operate at a rep rate up to 300kHz with pulse widths ~40ns while still maintaining TEM00 mode quality.



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