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Freight’s Global 100

The top one hundred people behind global freight I

t has been suggested that IFWand Lloyd’s Loading List have set themselves an impossible task in trying to identify the 100 most influential people in the global

freight industry. Our sister publication, Lloyd’s List, found it difficult

enough to rank the top 100 people in shipping, let alone put together a list of people from such wildly differing activities as air freight, logistics, rail, road and shipping, as well as those in regulatory or political positions whose work has considerable effect on the freight business.

In that respect, what follows on these pages is not a

definitive ranking, nor the final word on the most influential people in logistics – indeed, we fully accept the fact that there might be more than a little room for disagreement over our choices, but that is to be expected because, by its very nature, defining “influence” and/or “power” and judging its extent, is a highly subjective process.

So, a few words on the criteria we have used. The

intricate nature of supply chains is such that a host of variables are crucial to a successful logistical execution – trucks, trains, aircraft and ships all play their part, as do ports, warehouses and the people who put it all together.

In that respect we have tried to identify the most

important hauliers, intermodal operators, shipping lines and air freight operators, as well as the major logistics providers – or freight forwarders as they are often known – in addition to key legislators.

It may well be comparing apples with pears, but that is

also the nature of today’s freight industry. In identifying the key people from those sub-sectors, we

have looked for certain qualities: the ability to innovate is a principal factor, as well as in some cases the ability to articulate.

A commitment to the industry’s good as a whole, rather

than just a the specific pursuit of revenues and profit, also came into play.

However, given the highly uncertain nature of the

current economic climate, we have also looked at how leaders of companies guided their organisations prior to the recession, during the recession and in its aftermath.

Some companies make it by the very virtue of their

size – but that is not always the case, and where there are omissions these are on the basis that size alone is not that matters.

What we have not done is rank the individuals involved;

that would simply be a task too far, and would require the development of a complicated set of metrics. That does not say that it is not able to be done – in fact, we rather hope that this first attempt at identifying the most important people in the industry could be further developed next year.

However, we would welcome all feedback, positive and

negative, because what the exercise has demonstrated to us, regardless of opinions on specific people and companies, it was intrinsically a fascinating task to undertake.

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