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More than 92,000 Bowman products, including radios and batteries, have been upgraded since February 2010

Winter 2011/12 Issue 14

Dynamics 7

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The Bowman programme has recently reached several significant points in its 10-year journey

It has been 10 years since the contract signing of the re-competed Bowman programme, which has resulted in the modernisation, through digitisation, of the British Armed Forces tactical communications infrastructure. And as that anniversary was being celebrated, it was also announced that BCIP 5.4, the latest incarnation of the capability, had been rolled out to all operational units.

General Dynamics UK’s C4I BCIP capability fielding

and release team has delivered the new BCIP 5.4 base line – complete with the Battlefield Information System Application (BISA) – to military units in several countries all over the globe.

Utilising new portable capability uplift tool sets

(the Deployed Flashing Facility) the fielding team has kept pace with an aggressive tempo throughout this project term, with more than 92,000 products upgraded since February 2010. In addition, the team has delivered BCIP training using three classrooms and uplifted the Royal Navy Bowman-equipped fleet, meeting essential customer exercise targets. And all of this has been on time and within budget.

By the end of 2011, all the fielded capability

affected by this change had been upgraded and fully rolled out to all users.

This effort has also been supported through the Contractors on Deployed Operations (CONDO)

programme. General Dynamics UK has staff working in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan assisting the regeneration facility. They also provide direct support to Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs). This permanent presence, supported by additional staff as required for UORs, will continue as long as it’s needed.

Another milestone was also reached at the General

Dynamics UK Ashchurch facility, with the conversion of the 15,000th AFV platform. Since its beginning in early 2001, Ashchurch has converted almost every type of UK military vehicle, from Land Rovers (with over 750 individual BCIP designs), to Challenger 2 MBTs, and more recently UOR platforms such as Husky, RWMIK+, Modular DORS and Jackal.

Major investment in the UK by General Dynamics

UK, which has helped to create and sustain 1,600 high- value jobs, means that Bowman is positioned to provide the infrastructure to support all battlespace digitisation applications over the next 20 years. As part of that, General Dynamics UK was recently awarded the BCIP Sustainment Programme to provide ongoing support and a pathway for the British Forces to update the capability to BCIP 5.5 standard by 2013. BCIP 5.5 builds on previous de-risk programmes and will deliver a set of low risk, high maturity uplifts to sustain BCIP with key themes of improved interoperability, ease of use and reduced training burden.

Trusted to deliver

Mike Weston ABIPP/UK MOD Crown Copyright (2011)


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