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Prezi Viewer for iPad lets you view and project (with the VGA or HDMI accessories) Prezi presentations that you have saved online.

Keynote for iPad provides considerable setting tools both for creating new presentations and controlling presentations using the Remote app.

Keynote for iPad lets you build complex animations within slides with simple controls.

to a TV or projector. (Note: this will not work if you have an HDMI adapter connected to a different port on your projector - sadly, the soſtware doesn’t seem to work with most of these adapters.) Otherwise, it will again just show the apps that were made to work with the VGA adapter.

Te Hardware Depending on the version of iPad you have and the projector system you are using, you should be able to present pictures, a video, or a presentation using simply the iPad, one of the aforementioned video adapters, and your projector. If you have the iPad2 with the Digital AV adapter, you need to make sure that your projector has an HDMI port built in, as many of the HDMI to VGA or DVI adapters that are used have had problems with the video mirroring from the iPad2, due mostly to poor design in the adapter.

One intriguing option is to add an Apple TV device to your projector or television. Tis small box that resembles a “square hockey puck” can connect to your projector or TV via a HDMI port and will wirelessly stream content from the iPad, iPhone, or a Mac computer. While this feature has worked with computers since this newer Apple


Screenchomp lets you record your drawings on their whiteboard and upload these to their website for online viewing and sharing for free.

TV was released, the iPad functionality now really shines with iOS5, Apple’s newest version of the operating system for the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. In fact, the iPad2 will allow “mirroring” using this device, based on a soſtware function called “AirPlay” that is now standard in these newer devices. While the Apple TV will set you back $99 plus tax, the ability to wirelessly stream video or other content to it without adapters and cables is great. And, if you have multiple iPads in your classroom, you can switch from one user to another to present wirelessly. Just make sure you set your security if you do this - you don’t want someone sending their own video to your Apple TV to show to the class because you never created a good password for the Apple TV.

Te Apps Tere are really four categories of applications that are designed to show information or content to a larger audience. Te first of these is to simply show media - preferably pictures or video, and given the focus the iPad had when it was introduced, it is clear that no additional apps are needed. Video and Pictures apps from Apple (pre-installed on the iPad) can address most of this functionality,

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