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Low-PowerM c ocon Microchip O e s L

er Mici rrocontrollers for Bat e

Microchip Offerrs Lowest C rrents for A tive and Sleep Modes

o trollers foforr Batterry--F iendly Design st Currents for Active and Sleep Modes

Frriendly Design

Extend the bat Te

end the battery life in y ur application using P C® mic ocont ollers itw th nano Technology and get the industry’s lowest currents for Active and Sleep modes.

Microchip’’s per peripheraipheral-l-ririch PIC12F182X, PIC16F182X and PIC16F19XX ffaX famimillies offer Active currents of les less ths than 50 µA and Sleep currents down to 20 nA. These products enable you to create battery-friendly designs that also incorporate capacipacitivtive touch sensing, LCD, communications and other functionswhich hel help iffed fferentiate your products in themarketplace.

echnology and t th ge Microchip’ss

ch P designs that also inc rporat X, P d S eep current down t dMid-range8-bitarchit 2X families

Microchip’s Microchip’s Enhanced Mid-range 8-bit architectture provides up to 50% increased perfformance and 14 new i instructions that result in up to 40% better code execution over previous-generation 8-bit PIC16 MCUs.

p differenti e y ur produc s in the mark tpl ’ Enh

PIC12F182X and P include:

include: 2X and PIC16F182X families

 Packages ranging from 8 to6 pins  mTouch™ c pacitive  Multiple com Dual Il

uch s

 PWM outputswi ith ndependen itt mebases Data signalmodulatorr

Multiple communications peripherals  DualII2C™/SPI inte a

mmunications peripherals - ensing


PWMoutputs with independent time bases  Data signal modulato

™//SPI interrfface s

ckagesranging from8to 64 pins ouch™ capacitive ttouch-sensing

nstructionsth tresultinup to4 %bet ercodee

ure providesup to5 %increased perfo executiono er previous generation

PIC16F19XX f family includes  mTou hcapa ipacitivc tive touch-sensing  LCD d i eD drivr ve

amily includes: ouch cc etouch-sensing

 Multiple communications per pherals More PWMchannels, w th indep timertimers

 Up to 28 KB of F ash programmemo  Enhance da

 32--level bandgap reference  Three rail-

Enhanced datta EEPROM level bandgap refeference Threerail-to-railinputc mpara -rail input comparators

Multiple communications periipherals  More PWM channel

with independenti e endent

KB of Flash program memorry EEPROM

PI PIC16F 6F193X ‘F1’ Evaluation Pla nPlatform - D- DM164130 30-1 orma n8-bitP

ea d14new 6M


ents ffo d P

or A tive and Sleepmodes. ffe

enable y nA. These produc e t uch sensing, L

es offer A tive current of cre e ba ery-

mmunications and other f nctions which st c

life in your application using PIC® microcontrrollers with nanoWatt XL e industr ’s

XLP iendly



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3. Order Order sasamplmples and development toolools

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Microcontrollers Micr


Digital Signal Controllers

Digital S gnal Con





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