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SECURITY Expanding capacity C

yber crime expertsIovationhas added a new data centre in Seattle,

Washington, to enhance its high availability solutions and provide the additional capac- ity necessary to manage growing customer demand in all of the vertical markets that it serves. The Westin Building is a major tech- nology hub serving as a premier coloca- tion, hosting, and interconnection point to Asian, Canadian, European and US inter- net service providers and carriers. Accord- ing to vice president of technology Scott Waddell: “Our continued expansion of data centre capacity allows my team to keep pace with the constantly increasing de- mand for ReputationManager 360 fraud protection, while laying the foundation for future services.”

Demand not meeting expectation

echnology performance firm Compuware Corporationhas published the findings of a new survey that shows a significant portion of mobile consumers’ expectations are not being met as the result of poor mo- bile and application performance. The independent survey of more than 4,000 global users worldwide, including 500 from the UK, was conducted to understand consumers’ mobile web and application ex- pectations and experiences. The new sur- vey titled “What Users Want from Mobile”, reveals that global mobile users’ expecta- tions are not being met, with a majority of users experiencing slow or unreliable mo- bile and application performance. As the survey findings illustrate, although mobile users expect quick, anytime transactions that work flawlessly every time, that’s not what they’re getting.

T Mobile users’ expectations for mobile

PAYMENTS Leonoff takes control


ayments firmOptimal Payments, formerly known as Neovia Finan-

cial, has appointed Joel Leonoff as sole CEO of the company after his co-CEO and president Mark Mayhew announced he was to step down from the roles. The appointment follows on from the acquisi- tion of the original Optimal Payments Inc earlier in the year and the board’s wish to streamline the senior leadership team. It said in a statement: “The Board extends its gratitude to Mark for his sig- nificant contribution in creating Optimal Payments and extends its best wishes for his continued success.”


Complaints low at eCOGRA


he 2011 half-year

dispute statis- tics released by eCOGRA Fair Gaming Advocate Tex Rees have demonstrated that eCOGRA- accredited op-

website speed continue to increase. 71 per cent of global mobile web users and 56 per cent of UK mobile web users expect web- sites to load as quickly, almost as quickly or faster on their mobile phone compared to the computer they use at home.

Nearly 60 per cent of global web users say they expect a website to load on their mobile phone in three seconds or less (UK 49per cent) and 74 per cent (UK 70 per cent) are willing to wait five seconds or less for a sin- gle web page to load before leaving the site. 50 per cent of web users (UK 40 per cent) are only willing to wait five seconds or less for an application to load before exiting. “User expectations for mobile continues

to increase, but companies in the UK are not meeting mobile users’ need for fast and reli- able experiences. As a result, many compa- nies are failing to take advantage of the op- portunities being provided by increased mo- bile access,” said David Flower, VP EMEA

marketing MOBILE

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S&J communications

erators maintained a remarkably low complaint ratio; under 0.5 percent per site on average each month over the first six months of 2011. The majority of valid complaints received by the independent player protection and standards body were resolved within 72 hours. Rees said: “Operators have responded in a fast and co-operative manner to those cases where I have requested information and explanations, and have been quick to re- spect my findings in each case.

COMMUNICATIONS Push into eGaming


rovider of enterprise messaging and internet communications solutions

Push Technologyhas strengthened its leadership team with the appointment of Colin Magee as head of sales and Nick West, formerly of Ladbrokes, as head of delivery. They will play a key role in sup- porting the company’s continued devel- opment as it enters its next major growth phase, increasing penetration in its key financial services, eGaming and retail markets. CEO Sean Bowen said: “Both Colin and Nick have a proven track record of success with their previous or- ganisations, and we look forward to them strengthening our management team.”

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TRAINING Skills bodies combine P

eople 1stand GoSkillshave merged to create a ‘strong unified sector skills council that meets the combined needs of the hospitality, passenger transport, and travel industries’. The new structure of the sector skills council will comprise two members’ councils each with leading em- ployer representation - one focused on pas- senger transport, travel and tourism, and the other focused on hospitality and leisure.

“The new body is, for the first time, uniquely placed to deliver a whole and combined sector skills approach to passen- ger transport, travel and tourism that is closely aligned to hospitality and leisure,” said Brian Wisdom, chief executive of Peo- ple 1st.

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workforce management


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