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est Gaming Technology, developer of in-play betting terminals, has ap-

pointed William Weir as business develop- ment director to help grow operations in the UK. BGT already have over 500 sports betting terminals deployed in betting shops around the UK and over 3,000 deployed throughout Europe. Weir, a former director of sales at Betfair, commented: “I find BGT’s offering exciting and their enthusi- asm infectious, which is why I have agreed to join them. They have already achieved great success with their sports betting terminals as evidenced by their national rollout with Paddy Powerand my aim is to build on this.”



consistent approach


Timeweave takes on SportingWins


imeweave, owner of 50 per cent of LBO channel Turf TV, has acquired SportingWins, the hedging firm which covers financial risks of corporate clients which are dependent on the results of pro- fessional sports events. Sam Dibb, the ven- dor and manager of SportingWins Limited, will be joining Timeweave to manage the business where he may receive a cash bonus in 2016 of up to £2m. Timeweave CEO David Craven said: “It is a unique business offering exciting po- tential for strong growth with a low work- ing capital requirement. The group offers complimentary skills and resources to support development of the Sporting- Wins Business into a scalable, global proposition.”

MACHINES Call for return of review


ambling industry trade organisation Business in Sport and Leisure (BISL) has called on the DCMSand the Gambling Commissionto reinstate the Triennial Review as it fits the criteria for ev- idence-based policy- making for gaming machines, adding that there was no clear reason why it had been considered no longer fit for pur- pose.

BISL chief executive Dominic Harrison said: “Machines have often been


new Age Restricted Products and Service Consultation pub- lished by theLocal Better Regu- lation Officehas raised a number of key issues that need to be addressed, and highlighted several areas of potential con- cern, according to Serve Legal. Charlie Mowat, a director at the UK’s lead- ing test purchasing company, commented: “Retailers are currently in an impossible po- sition because there is no consistent ap- proach in tackling underage sales, and there are too many variables and differences in the actions of local authorities city to city, town to town. Because of this situation, retailers are unable to formulate and implement na- tional, company-wide policies to tackle un- derage sales, and train sales staff more ef- fectively to meet higher expectations.” He highlighted the fact that some retailers are not accepting the PASS card as ‘a major

A The firm wants a new code of practice to

be introduced that is robust, upholdable and strictly managed to bring consistency amongst local authorities and police across the UK in their responses to tackling under- age sales. It has also called for tighter con- trols over ‘sting operations’ to ensure any ev- idence is properly gained and recorded, and that results are carefully verified and quickly made available to those companies in- volved.

Serve Legalbelieves that simplified legis- lation to reform, consolidate and remove a lot of the hurdles and red tape that make it impossible for retailers to take an appropri- ate, company-wide approach to the problem of underage sales would go some way to tackle the problem.


restriction needs


hurdle that needs to be overcome,’ while the use of fake cards needed to be tackled ‘as a matter of urgency.’

B2B Retail Listings associations

The leading trade association for betting shop operators.

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made the scapegoat in terms of political discord and action despite there being no evidence of them causing a disproportion- ate amount of harm.”

He added: “The rules on machines locat- ed in retail environments should be made consistent with the rules that apply online.”

Change at stake G

aming machine supplierInspired Gaming Grouphas launched a new collection of over 20 games in response to the increased maximum stake for UK Cate- gory B3 gaming machines that came into ef- fect last month. Inspired’s 14,000 plus SBG B3 gaming machines have new menus and buttons to clearly indicate which games allow the new maximum stake of £2. New games have been remotely downloaded to its SBG B3 gaming machines in bookmak- ers across the UK, allowing Inspired’s cus- tomers to benefit from the change in legis- lation at the earliest opportunity.

CONTENT Winter schedule released S

IShas unveiled its Winter Evening Service (WES) schedule, completing a full service throughout the year with no blank days for live horseracing. WES starts on 1 September and runs through to March 31, will comprise live BAGSgreyhounds, UK racing from Wolverhampton, Friday

night fixtures from Dundalk and racing from South Africa and Latin America with 49s content, including virtual product and numbers games.

The full evening service finishes at 9.22pm, apart from when there is racing at Dundalk, when racing finishes at 9.25pm, with an earlier finish option of 8pm. Com- mercial direc- tor Brent Dolan: “We pride our- selves on of- fering a full service of top quality racing, 364 days a year. There’s always live racing on SIS.”

BRENT DOLAN US sports for Zoneplay B

uzz Sports, creator of the innovative in-play product Zoneplay, is working on adapting US sports into its portfolio, fol- lowing the successful launch of cricket, football, tennis and Aussie Rules. The firm says it has invested in the creation of its own unique statistical models and trading tools to ensure its odds are robust and reli- able to meet the demands of in-play betting. The product is due for trials with Euro- pean retail bookmakers from Italy, UK, Germany and Austria and has also seen en- couraging figures in the Jenningsbet LBO estate where it has been on trial for several months.

screen systems settling systems

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