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Gigabit connector module supports Ethernet transfer rates in rail applications

The Harting Gigabit module - one of the range of inserts available for the company’s Han- Modular industrial connector system - offers Ethernet performance at up to 10 Gbit/s. The new fully shielded module meets Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7 requirements, and is optimised for use in rail applications.

The module is designed for use with stranded

wire of 0.08-0.5 mm” cross-section and cable diameters in the 5-12 mm range. It contains eight easily accessible crimp contacts (four data pairs) for 0.08-0.5 mm” or AWG 28-20 wire, and every data pair has separate shielding. Larger diameter cable can be clamped using a HARTING InduCom crimp or screw-type flange. The mechanical characteristics are the same as

for the proven Han(R) Quintax connector, making it ideally suited to applications with very demanding mechanical requirements including connections between rail vehicles. The Han-Modular series is a highly versatile,

Versatile modular power connector system handles up to 100A

open connector system that allows users to configure connectors to match the needs of particular applications. The new Han GigaBit module supplements the 30 existing modules for handling electrical, optical and pneumatic signals.

Harting |

Lane Electronics is now stoccking the Positronic Scorpion Series of power connectors. The company was appointed as a franchised distributor for Positronic earlier this year. The Scorpion connector series is modular and can be configured for use as a power connector, a signal level connector or as a combination of the two in 24 power/signal module configurations. In a single housing with a height of just 14.6mm, the user is able to develop a connector solution that can be tailored to suit the application and adjusted should the application change. There are seven power contact options with continuous current ratings from 16 to 100A per contact. Contacts are available in sizes 8, 12, 16, 18, 22, 24 as well as 0.6mm (0.0236in) Hyperboloid. Users are able to specify housings with optional ventilation slots for increased cooling and sequential mating can restrict the number of connections that go “live” at the

same time. The Positronic Scorpion Series is available in several connector formats including blind mate, float mount, panel mount and a cable connector option with an integral locking system. Termination options include solder PCB mount, crimp and press-fit. Lane Electronics can supply a full selection of accessories to add to the versatility of the Scorpion Series.

Lane Electronics | Harting adds management functions to Fast Track Switching

Fast Track Switching, Harting's Ethernet-based switching technology, has been made even more versatile with the introduction of a range of management functions offering determinism and availability combined with edundancy, reliability, diagnosis and much more. The Fast Track Switching method recognises, prioritises and accelerates precisely those frames that are particularly important for the user in the specific application. It is easy to set the switch up for the identification characteristics within these frames. This allows the switch to recognise important frames, which are then accelerated by way of the cut-through method, allowing them


to overtake other frames blocking their path. As a result, important data always reach their destination on time, regardless of the remaining network load.

As fully-managed switches, these devices offer a host of functions including redundancy capability as well as VLAN and DHCP capability. The integrated PROFINET I/O stack also allows the devices to be used and integrated as Conformance Class B equipment in the PROFINET area. EtherNet/IP applications are also optimally supported with IGMP snooping and DHCP Option 82. The Fast Track Switching product family

includes three new members: the Ha-VIS FTS 3100-A, equipped with ten RJ45 ports; the Ha- VIS FTS 3082-ASFP, equipped with eight RJ45 ports plus two SFP slots; and the Ha-VIS FTS 3060-A, with six RJ45 ports in an especially slim design

The combination of Fast Track Switching technology and extensive management functions allows a very wide range of applications to be implemented with completely new possibilities.

Harting |

Manufacturing Socket & Connector Solutions LED Sockets vertical & horizontal Female Connectors 1.27, 2.00, 2.54mm pitch Low Profile SMD headers 1.27, 2.00, 2.54 pitch Elevated Sockets PC104 and PC104+ BGA Sockets Ultra low profile 2.00mm pitch SMD turned pin socket ZIF, FPC connectors/cables

E-tec manufactures in Switzerland, Taiwan and the UK. In the UK we produce many special sockets and adaptors so if you have a requirement for a specific board to board spacing, need a special footprint with unorthodox pins, need to convert from a PGA to a QFP, need to second source a Harwin or Samtec connector, or simply need assistance on surface mount connectors why not give us a call to solve your problem.

E-tec Interconnect (UK) Ltd, Units A5 & A6, Decimus Park, Kingstanding Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 3GP.

Tel: (01892) 530260 Fax: 01892 515560 38 July/August 2011 Components in Electronics

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