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Defence & DSEi Special I Product News

Ruggedised cabinet protects sensitive naval electronics

Schroff will be at DSEI to demonstrate its Varistar MIL 901D ruggedised 19in. cabinet, which has been designed to protect sensitive electronic systems from demanding environments such as those encountered during operation at sea.

Suitable for use on frigates, aircraft carriers and submarines, the cabinet has been independently tested in accordance with the MIL-STD-901D standard to confirm its robustness and stability under conditions of extreme shock. In addition, its vibration resistance satisfies the requirements of MIL- STD-167.

The cabinet provides IP55 sealing against

the ingress of dust and moisture, while its frame and covers are galvanised and powder coated to protect them from corrosion.

MPE offering free EMC protection kits for military vehicles

MPE Ltd, a specialist in the design and manufacture of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) filter and capacitor solutions has condensed its many and varied solutions into one kit of filters that represent the three main configurations of filter circuits. The purpose is to facilitate and simplify the choice of filter for EMI/RFI suppression within military vehicles, assisting your equipment in complying with EMC specifications such as DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-461.

These kits of sample filters / capacitors

are available free-of-charge to design and development engineers needing to quickly define the most effective EMC solutions for their particular military vehicle, covering both standard equipment or dedicated military hardware. To obtain the free kit most appropriate to you, just describe your application to the MPE sales team. MPE filter solution #1 provides multi-line

suppression for single- and multi-speed motors, aircon systems, motors for windshield wipers, blowers and washers, etc. Filter solution #2 comprises paired filter lines offering suppression for applications such as single-speed motors, motors for windshield wipers, blowers and washers, oil cooling fans, engine management systems and dedicated military ancillary equipment and Filter solution #3 consists of feedthrough capacitors for alternators, generators and uses in high-frequency noise suppression.

MPE | Stand N6-480

Helping to keep project costs in check

through the use of COTS technology, the MIL 901D model is based on Schroff’s standard Varistar cabinet, with expertly engineered modifications to enable it to cope with the rigours of naval applications. Four shock absorbers are attached to the

cabinet’s welded base plate and two more are fixed to the rear of the solid top cover, for wall mounting. The shock absorbers are designed for each individual application, with the type and size determined by variables such as the cabinet dimensions, the weight of the components housed in the cabinet and the position of its centre of gravity.

Schroff | Stand N9-233

Powerstax embraces new MIL COTS SWAP paradigm

Powerstax is developing solutions that meet the environmental and technical challenges of tactical and non-tactical vehicle based electronics systems.

“The essence of SWAP” claims Tim Worley, CEO of Powerstax plc “is to minimise the size and weight of power conversion solutions while meeting the demand for ever higher power. Very high efficiency, meeting the twin EMC challenges of low emissions and high immunity coupled with high reliability in harsh environments, all add to the challenge.” Vehicle based electronic systems may be

required to run from nominal battery supplies of 12VDC or 24VDC and to comply with the MIL- STD-1275 28VDC electrical systems in military vehicles standard. Meeting all of these input voltages in one product is the aim, with high power up-conversion to 28VDC or 48VDC for end equipment operation. This can create the twin challenges of maintaining high efficiency and low heat dissipation. The move to a 600VDC vehicle supply to reduce power distribution losses

creates another opportunity for innovative power conversion.

Power system design criteria for MIL COTS applications include varying degrees of sealing for environmental protection, which offers challenges to removing the heat generated inside. Some systems do not allow integral fan cooling as this can affect sealing and introduce reliability issues created by the fans themselves. In these cases, heat removal solutions include high efficiency customised heat-sinking, cold wall cooling by mechanical contact with external surfaces and in extreme cases water cooling. Compliance with MIL-STD-810 environmental specification and MIL-STD-461 EMC requirements place further demands on system design.

Powerstax has recently launched the TVS1001 ruggedised 1000 watt DC-DC power supply at the heart of which are two of the patented Powerstax F501 DC-DC converters which have demonstrated ability to perform under the harshest of conditions with field proven use in

military applications.

The TVS1001 has a wide range DC input voltage, from 11 to 36 volts, with a range of outputs at 24, 28 36 or 48 VDC making it ideal for vehicle mounted Military and Non-Tactical, fixed and mobile communications and security systems. The unit can be also be customised to meet special requirements.

Powerstax | Wire-free mobile IR comms system allows stealth operation during radio silence

Link Microtek will be demonstrating the Azdec wire-free mobile communications system, which uses infra-red technology to provide totally secure short-range voice communications for a variety of military applications, at this year’s DSEI where there’ll be the opportunity to see the system in situ on the bridge of a Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer docked alongside the venue. Other than the link from headset to battery pack, the system has no wires and therefore gives personnel complete freedom of movement, whereas conventional wired systems tend to severely restrict operator mobility. It is impossible to detect the signals by any conventional method. In an operational context, this means that totally secure, wire- free communications can be maintained on board ship whilst operating under conditions

Hypertac connectors integrate higher surge protection

Hypertac has extended its range of electromagnetic interference-filtered and transient-protected connectors to provide greater levels of power protection. Through a collaboration with PolyPhaser | Transtector, a sister organisation within Smiths Interconnect, protection against the higher energy transients associated with a primary lightning strike or electromagnetic pulse (EMP) can now be integrated within Hypertac connectors. This approach ensures a high energy pulse will not enter the main body of equipment but instead will be stopped at the chassis wall, enhancing equipment reliability and maintainability in military and aerospace

applications. Transient-protected connectors traditionally use diode technology to shield sensitive circuitry and the energy levels these diodes can safely absorb are limited by the power rating of the diodes currently available. For the highest transient levels (such as direct lightning strikes as defined within level five of RTCA D160 Section 22, or primary EMP effects) even more robust energy protection capabilities are needed. By combining discreet and proprietary technologies, and developing circuits that are matched to the signal types to be protected, Hypertac has now applied the protection experience of PolyPhaser |

20 July/August 2011 Components in Electronics

Transtector to integrate significant new levels of power and signal protection into a variety of its interconnect products.

Signal types such as power (AC/DC), high speed digital data, and radio frequency (RF) can be integrated and protected against high energy transients from direct lightning strikes and EMP pulses ranging from standard EMP to high altitude (HEMP) and non nuclear (NNEMP)—all within the Hypertac connector. Connector types available as both filtered and with enhanced transient protection include rectangular styles such as ARINC 600, circular styles such as 38999, and D-Sub styles. Hypertac’s transient-protected connectors

will also use Hypertac’s hyperboloid socket contact technology providing superior fretting, signal integrity, insertion force and mating cycle performance.

Hypertac |

of radio silence. The low-level infra-red digital encoding technology poses no health or EMC hazard and is completely immune to electromagnetic interference – even severe energy pulses. As well as offering secure mobile communications, the Azdec system can be used wherever electrical or acoustic noise is an issue or where intrinsically safe equipment is required.

Azdec comprises of a compact base station, a number of fixed infra-red antennas, a choice of noise-attenuating or ultra-lightweight headsets, operators’ belt-mounted battery packs/control units, and a central battery- charger unit.

Link Microtek | Stand: S3-160

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