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Wish T


Chef Randall Selland, patriarch of the family behind The Kitchen, Selland’s Market Café

and Ella Dining Room and Bar says that he and his wife Chef Nancy Zimmer have big aspirations: “Ours is a major remodel of not only our kitchen, but the whole house, blowing out walls to create more space. [With our current layout] we are very limited on how many people can be in the house at any time, but we want to be able to accommodate our growing family, grandkids and friends. We would like to make our kitchen the center of our

home instead of the very small space it is because personally (as well as professionally) we enjoy entertaining in our Kitchens!”

Joanne Neft, who authored Placer County Real Food from Farmers Markets: Recipes and

Menus for Every Week of the Year with Chef Laura Kenny, has a very modest, but practical wish: “Since I have a well-equipped kitchen (after all, I’ve had 50 years to equip it), I’m asking for only a single (or maybe two) things for my kitchen. Our kitchen has big tiles on the floor...easy to clean and looks beautiful. However, when we’re standing at the sink or stove for three or four hours in a row the tiles seem pretty hard. I’d love to have TWO (yes, two) Therapeutic anti-fatigue floor mats. I’d be dancing with joy.”

Marcus Graziano, the owner of Capitol Cellars who is a nationally acclaimed wine

consultant and an enthusiastic (if somewhat messy) cook, wants a Wolf range, drawer dishwashers, an additional sink, pull out drawers in the cabinets and more natural light. Marcus’ adorable wife Kathy has a different

kind of wish. She says with a laugh that her idea of kitchen heaven would be to have someone to clean up after Marcus when he cooks.


At Home with Old and New Friends

Story by Betsy Dell. Photographs by Tiana Hollomon.

he beginning of a new year is a natural time to make a fresh start. It’s a time to hope, wish and dream anew. Some of our favorite chefs, oenophiles and champions of locally grown food are dreaming, too. We asked each what they hope to add, change or do in their home kitchen this year, and have compiled their wish lists to share with you:

Chef Tyler Stone, who is often described as “one of America’s rising stars in the next generation

of chefs,” and whose regular House2Home column has inspired more than one of my own kitchen wishes, wants a 160 liter Dewar. A Dewar is a double wall vacuum storage vessel used to hold liquid nitrogen at negative 320°F. “I would use it to make frozen treats, ice creams, alcohol sorbets, mousses, and to quickly chill mixtures, stocks, and create new textures and temperatures for foods. Liquid nitrogen will probably be available to the

home cook in the year 2043, but until then I plan on using it to expand my cooking techniques in new and unusual ways.” Tyler also wants a set of his CTS signature knives that are due to be released

for purchase soon. ”I have always wanted to design my own line of signature knives so that I could have the best attribute of every knife I’ve used combined into one!”

And finally, our newest friend, Chef Karen

Holmes, owner of Karen’s Bakery Café and Catering, says, “It’s so easy for me to give you a wish

list of things I’d like to have for my own kitchen because we are definitely a case of the cobbler’s children.” “Since one of my ovens still works (we have two),

I won’t waste a wish on another oven. But if I had three wishes, yes, I’d use one here.” “I’d also love to have a very good coffee maker.

We changed coffee roasters at the restaurant this past year and it made me realize how inadequate my at-home coffee brewing situation is.” “My next wish is for storage. I’ve collected so many sets of dishes from

deceased relatives, including china, ceramicware, and serviceware. But I have nowhere to keep it, so it’s all in boxes in the garage. I’d love to have a pantry just for dishes. It would be like shopping at [my] own personal heirloom Crate and Barrel.” “And last, no really last—forget the material stuff—I think we should have

more people over to dinner this year. Just small group events, informal—a plate of pasta, salad, and bread kind of stuff.”

o me, Karen’s final wish captures the heart of all kitchen wishes. Whether we want a major remodel to better accommodate family and friends, new equipment to make meal preparation easier or to perfect new techniques, our desires are ultimately about the relationships we build over food in the intimacy of our homes.


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