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Go Green With ForeverLawn® and Field of Green™ Save TIME, save WATER, and save MONEY

If you’re a lawn owner who is tired of the weekly mow-blow-edge routine, then consider an attractive alternative – ForeverLawn® grass alternatives installed by Field of Green Grass Solutions™

synthetic . These

artifi cial lawns are beautiful and stay green the year ‘round. That’s very appealing during the winter months when many lawns turn brown from the cold or muddy from the rain.

The benefi ts of ForeverLawn® are many. You save time because

it’s low maintenance. You save water, especially important in these environmentally-conscious times, and you don’t have to worry about wasteful run-off or carbon emissions from maintenance. You save money on ever-increasing water rates, fertilizers and gardener’s fees. “The price will never go down on water rates and lawn care,” says Brian McGibbon of Field of Green and ForeverLawn West.

You can choose from over 20 different types of grass from ForeverLawn for different applications. Many are more realistic than today’s quality silk fl owers and lifelike Christmas trees. In fact, some installers and lawn care specialists admit they can’t tell the difference when viewing the Select Synthetic Grass varieties from DuPont™

ForeverLawn® .

ForeverLawn West offers several products designed for home landscapes that fi t your style, your needs and your budget. There’s also a range of lawns for specifi c uses. K9Grass®

is perfect for the backyard, a dog run Installed by Field of Green™

ForeverLawn products can last up to 20 years and are backed by an eight-year

warranty. To view the products, visit Or for more information and a free estimate, call 877-532-0374. Soon you can have a lush, thick, perfectly textured green lawn that will enhance your home without all that backbreaking, expensive maintenance. You’ll have more time for family, more money over time, and while saving water you’ll enjoy a better looking lawn and yard all year ‘round for your home or business.

and dog parks. It offers a cleaner, better- smelling area for pets and antimicrobial protection. It’s easy to keep litter-free and easy to clean. Just hose it down. There’s also SportsGrass for sport fi elds, and Golf Grass for backyard putting greens - an ideal place to improve your score or entertain guests. For the youngsters in your home, lush Playground Grass™ is safe to play on and soft to fall on. Consider that for the neighborhood park or your own big backyard.


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