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Energy Investments Yield Solid Return I

f you’ve looked at solar as something that’s simply an energy saver, think again. “Solar gives homeowners energy independence and it’s a

solid investment,” says Dean T. Newberry of Talbott Solar, a design-build construction company that specializes in sustainability, renewable energy and energy effi ciency.

Solar is a unique home improvement that is solid and one that

appreciates in value in ways other home improvements do not, says Newberry.

Solar off ers a secure investment and a return on that investment (ROI) that is better than what you can get in the fi nancial marketplace.

In fact, people can realize a return of 8 percent or better on their energy

investment, which is covered by homeowner insurance and gives a hedge against rising utility rates.

Energy independence and a solid ROI are not limited to solar products

only. In fact, to help homeowners become energy effi cient, Talbott Solar evaluates the entire home and makes recommendations from a menu of both solar and non-solar products and services. In each case, Talbott obtains all available rebates, incentives and tax breaks for clients.

Sustainability starts with solar photovoltaics. What other investment gives you energy independence? Where else

can you get an 8 percent return on investment and gain control of the resources in your home? For the answers, contact Talbott Solar & Radiant at (888) 450-3296 and improve your home and your investment portfolio.

For most people, their “energy equipment menu” includes a tankless

water heater that’s certain to improve both energy and quality of life. T e Quietside “On Demand Water” heater provides endless hot water, very effi ciently and with thermostatic control. And the D’Mand Hot Water Circulator accelerates the delivery of hot water so you don’t have to wait to hop into a nice, warm shower or bath. “T ese are the most satisfying home energy improvements we recommend”, says Newberry.

Another is a furnace and air conditioner upgrade combined with a duct

test to make sure there’s no leakage problem. “You’re not just leaking air, you’re leaking money,” says Newberry.

Do you have a pool? Talbott off ers a high effi ciency pool pump and

thermal solar pool water heating that will reduce the operational costs of your swimming pool.

Getting to Zero

Talbott prepares sustainability plans for home, church and farm and commercial purposes. Call us today for details

about how we can analyze your energy patterns and develop a plan to reduce your net energy demand to zero.

Reduce your usage in the most economical way

Implement at your own speed No Obligation

T e Getting to Zero analysis and plan are free if you mention this ad.

888-450-3296 or email us at

CL# 667908/887274 22

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