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on the grip give fantastic comfort. Chrome-plated heads give long lasting corrosion protection, and induction hardened cutting edges are able to cut better for longer. If you are after traditionally shaped pliers, and you want the best cutters on the market, then the Wiha DynamicJoint pliers are the ones to own.

Inomic pliers – easier on muscles, tendons and joints In 1916, Black & Decker sold the first pistol drill, reputedly based on the shape of a Smith & Wesson handgun. Up until then, all electric drills had been an in-line design, where the user kinks the wrist forward and grips around the motor. This ground-breaking angled design brought new levels of ergonomics and has given drill users the wrist comfort that we all know and take for granted today. Wiha Inomic pliers have been designed in

conjunction with doctors and professors at the Fraunhofer Institute, the leading science university in Stuttgart. After extensive studies and user-tests of hand forces, gripping systems, jaw shapes and geometries, the new Wiha Inomic pliers were born. Pistol-shaped pliers now give users a natural extension to their hand and reduce the risk of injury to muscles, tendons and joints. Relaxed hold, fatigue-free work and greater power

transfer means the Inomic pliers are simply brilliant to use. These multi-award winning tools also have a unique handle design where the two components of the handle move parallel to one another and are lightly sprung open to increase control. Power is increased by keeping all four fi ngers in

contact with the parallel handles at all times. On traditional pliers, the most leverage is developed the further away from the hinge you are – basically, your little finger has the most leverage. The compounded link design of the Inomic pliers means that all four fingers deliver the same amount of leverage as one another, giving your three strongest fi ngers a lot more power transfer.

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Modular Wiring Systems opens training facility

Modular Wiring Systems, a subsidiary of electrical cable manufacturer Tratos Ltd., has opened a new demonstration and training facility at its Slough offi ces. The Modular Academy is a showcase for the

The Inomic pliers’ heads are made from ball-bearing steel and the handles are made from fi bre-glass reinforced nylon

With the heads made from ball-bearing steel,

and the handles made from glass-fi bre reinforced nylon, the Inomic pliers are built to withstand the toughest site conditions. If you are a heavy user of pliers, then the Inomic pliers will give you unrivalled comfort all day long.

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Fun for Marco at Pleasure Beach development

Marco, the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel wire cable tray (SWCT) and uPVC cable management, is supplying contractors as part of the Nickelodeon Land development at Blackpool’s famous Pleasure Beach. The £10.3 million scheme at the park is now

under way and set to open later this year. Electrical contractor PEI Delta is working directly for the estates department at Pleasure Beach, carrying out all electrical works. The collaboration will see a six-acre area of

Pleasure Beach transformed into Nickelodeon Land, which will feature 12 rides and replace the existing Beaver Creek area. Hannah Chinery, of Marco, said: ‘This is a fun

scheme to be involved in and Pleasure Beach Blackpool is a real iconic landmark spot within the North West. We are working closely with PEI Delta at several large-scale projects across the north west, where they are using both our steel wire cable tray and uPVC trunking systems.’ ■

All four fi ngers deliver the same amount of leverage as one another, giving your three strongest fi ngers a lot more power transfer

company’s product ranges and services. The large ground fl oor room has been divided into three key sections – Power, Lighting and Bespoke Equipment – each with working equipment to allow customers to see and interact with the products. The Academy is free of charge to anyone who

wants to learn more about the concept of modular wiring systems, including specifi ers, electrical and mechanical contractors and training providers and their students. ‘The Academy will allow us to clearly show how

modular wiring systems work,’ says Neil Ancell, managing director of Modular Wiring Systems. ‘Despite such systems being on the market for some 25 years, many specifi ers, developers and contractors remain unfamiliar with them and are therefore reticent to move away from the traditional approach of fi xed installations, which are labour-intensive and costly.’ ■

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